Saturday, June 09, 2007

Highlight of an otherwise feral day!

Beautiful soggy girl

The real story

Pretty swish catholic scientist virgin kitchen slave honours graduate

Who shall now be forever revered as the one who

made us go to Sydney "that" day

More is ominously quiet outside

Am sending healing to the families of those who have died in this last 24 hours.

Am grateful that rock slides didn't land on us as ours was the next train due through

and especially that we chose not to drive!


Rider-Waite said...

I know!!! I was watching the late news last night and started panicking thinking that you were from there and were going to Sydney and etc etc! I haven't even met you lot, yet was dead scared that you were all going to get washed away. Glad that all went well and congratulations to your daughter. STAY AT HOME!!! OUT OF THE RAIN!!

Bee said...

sounds like fun was had by all,good to hear your safe,xxxx

Lisa said...

yes, she is beautiful and smart no matter how wet she is.
there is a lot to be grateful for isnt there angel?

Kristy-Lee said...

I am very glad too. Soggy smart girls are good and schmick and not getting mud slided is also good and schmick.

Doing well.

Lisa said...

are you ok ankle of mine ?

rainbowspirit said...

most excellent csv. takes after her mother for sure

rock slide?? i havent heard of that one....

so, so, so glad you didnt drive - we are all safe and that is what counts!!

luv you