Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today I have
  • been to officeworks for the 3rd day in a row at an ungodly hour and FINALLY been able to purchase wanted shelves for my bloody mother and her bloody office
  • been to art school and aquired a timetable that is sure to kill me in the first month (only 2 half days off a week, aaarrrrgggghhh) ( I will find time to sleep, I WILL)
  • had some excellent lunch and conversation with a friend or two
  • washed my putrid stinking notabus marycar
  • been to Crystal Magick to pick up some dosh for a drum, excellently good timing for cash injection for sure with me having just spent 43,000 bucks on school shoes etc
  • done Coles
  • cooked food
  • driven son around and back to gym
  • am just running out the door to pick up CSV from train station as I speak
When I said I wouldn't take my kids anywhere I forgot that they had to get there somehow and the other drivers around here have gone on a much deserved strike!!

Having just said that...darlin' has just volunteered to get the nun from the train and as much as I would like to be the martyr I let him......

Must sleep.......................its very hot isn't it

Monday, January 29, 2007


  • if I had the energy I would tell you a funny story but I dont so you will have to wait
  • if I had the time I would sit in the sun and read but I dont so I will have to wait
  • if I had the money I would do so many things.....
  • if I had the inclination I would paint but Im not
  • if I had the power I would heal my friend immediatly but thats not how it works
  • if I had the guts I would tell some people what I think and who I am
  • if I ......
ahhh, bugger it, I dont even have the energy for this.

That is because I have spent all day driving around in a hot car with whinging teenagers buying school supplies and hunting down school shoes and shirts and socks and sockettes (very expensive items, it costs more for a toe of a stocking than it does for a whole pair!!) and joggers and diarys and the 'right' pens and .......

Bah humbug I say...

...my head hurts

Still, I am grateful for small hot marycars that enable me to do it all in one day!

I must tell you that story



Sunday, January 28, 2007

A typical day at Hat Head

oh dear

  • wake up to the sound of waves crashing (or not, depending on the tide etc) on the beach and birds calling and boat trailers going past and a very loud garbage truck
  • walk 3 kilometers to the toilet and back (several million times a day and due to caravan next door having a dripping water hose, several times at night too)
  • eat
  • drink
  • lay in the sun
  • swim
  • get out of the very hot sun
  • drink
  • eat
  • read a lot
  • think about nothing
  • watch people
  • eat
  • drink
  • lay in the sun
  • swim
  • eat
  • drink
  • sleep

and then do it all again.....aaaahhhh.

It is always groundhog day at Hat Head and is very relaxing and also very sandy.

Here are some pics so you get an idea.....

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hee hee

Hah, Im BACK.....
must go read 127 emails and everyones blogs and then ..........

Friday, January 12, 2007

today and always

Today I am a packing...
tommorrow I shall be leaving for a holiday
Does that mean Im tripping???
Have a great next two weeks all
I will see you when I get back
I'll miss you
Especially you

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I now have a new ugly photo on a piece of plastic with a gold strip and everything!

This is because I PASSED my driving test

(despite going through an amber light and trying to take off

with my handbrake still on from nerves......)


Ive got



Im not taking the kids anywhere........

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I may have misled you...my driving TEST is tommorrow, today I have gotten a very ugly photo of me on a learners permit that allows me to get in the car and drive on the road legally.

I have done this many times today and guess what!

I remember how to drive......

of course I knew I would! (nonchalance is easy AFTER the fact)

This time tommorrow afternoon I shall be a nervous wreck but looking very cool, calm and collected and hoping the driving tester guy is not an arsehole.....

Must go drive some more.....

vroom vroom vroom

oh my gosh...

Its 6.54 am
I've been up for hours...
In one hour I shall catch my 2nd last bloody bus
into town and be waiting at the doors for RTA to open and
Ha ha
hee hee
I'm terrified
Its here

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Well, the cottage is still going.

We open next week on the 17th for "Around the Cauldron"
and shall carry on in the usual vein for a month or so until things get more clear.
So be there with bells on....

This is good.

Have had a fast, furious and frustrating day yesterday, gosh. A triple F for sure....

My little brother (who is almost 20 and not so little and a 3rd year apprentice motor mechanic) came to do me a favour on saturday and put new hoses on my mary car and then she was all done........

yeah right

Little brother has huge hands (as you do at 6'2") and in this putting on of hoses process managed to break an airflow sensor in mary that she really did need.....she goes very slow and breathes funny without it I tell you....not good when it takes 30 minutes to get from Georgetown to Adamstown Im quite sure...

This is a little tiny part about 1 inch long and worth $260 mind you...plurgh

However, super hero mechanics next door have located a sensory device for her and shall not charge for less than 15 minutes work and it will only cost me $115.


At this rate we shall go camping and have to eat twigs and berries and fish that I dont catch....

Oh well....


This should be a good thing.

I am assuming that even though I havent driven for 4 years I will still remember how!

I am very good at circles in the back street but must also go on roads with traffic for sure......

All is well, if a little blurry, right now.

My sleep is disturbed and here I am awake at 5 am when all I want to do is sleep in.

Things are happening in the world...I can feel them and wonder what this year will bring for us all.

I have been in a kind of dis-located state for some days now, almost observing me from somewhere else is what it feels like. Detatched and yet not. Interesting.

I feel pulled, subtly, but not yet......

waiting for something yet I know not what.

All will be revealed in its own time I suppose.

In the meantime, I keep on keeping on and doing whats in front of me, as usual.

I can do that, Im good at it by now

Have a great day people

Sunday, January 07, 2007

..and so it is

It's sunday.

Quiet, overcast and did I mention quiet?

I have worked my last shift flogging calendars for this end of the year.

MaryBOSS who shall henceforth be known as Renata, till the other end of the year, has assured me that I can get energetically flogged every other day next season as well.


I think......

3 more sleeps till L plates, 4 more sleeps till driving test. Gawd, somebody give me a license, I just wanna drive.....

6 sleeps till camping debacle with teenage ratbags......oh dear, what have I done to me, and darlin', what have I done to my darlin', he has a hard time in a house with teenagers, what will he do in a tent? Hmmm

Apparently a mary will be home today.

Jen has found a new friend for us who has OCD's...excellent for sure

It looks like rain so I will have to wash marycar....

My legs are wobbly and I have no energy......must mean I need to sit and do nothing.....yay

Darlin' and I have found out that we have an exhibition date set for September this year.....gulp

...a REAL one

gulp, indrawn ragged breath, exhaled noisily and lengthily......

oh dear, I shall have to PAINT, damn it all......hee hee

Must find esky......

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hello all
I am having several days of doing things and acquiring camping things and fixing marycar things and am very busy doing things, but I just said that!
I am also quite tired and a bit worried about certain friends.
I am existing in an extreme state of cleanliness which feels rather foreign and yet nice.
Darlin' and I celebrated our 4th 'anniversary' yesterday.
Its really 48 full moons, which is how we count our time together as, yes, it all began on the night of a very full, very big, very yellow full moon in the new year 4 years ago.
We have both come a long long way since then. Its been an interesting and eventful and very illuminating ride.
The best thing I like about us is that we are 'real'.
Everything in our relationship is real and even though that is a challenge at times it is still the best way to be.
So I believe anyway.
I dont know whats happening with our little cottage right now.
I am hopeful that my mary will see that she appointed a commitee for this very reason and use us. But if she cannot then that is okay too.
We will survive and be bigger and better when all is well again.
I am sending you lots of love and healing maryme and please look after you well.
You are very precious.
Anyway, thats it for me for now...I have to drink coffee and make another list!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Today was a bit like yesterday

  • Went to Charlie Square very early to return dodgy goods

  • cleaned out cupboards and murdered cockroaches

  • read a book

  • did half a load of washing and machine blew up again! Grrrrr

  • cooked curry

  • Went to big giant camping shop and bought 4 tent poles, 4 mantles and a kettle

  • sorted out fishing gear (or lack of) because that is very important

  • started small pile of 'things to take camping' consisting of fishing gear and a kettle, hmmm

  • executed 2 perfect reverse parks in street behind my house and drove in many circles(shhhhh)

  • washed mary car again and am awaiting tsunami or possible snowstorm

  • 8 more sleeps till driving day

  • made lots of lists all saying the same things

  • did much exercising with one 2 kilo weight.....

  • oh ... you know....blah blah blah

These are the days of my life......

Am going to Tea Gardens tommorrow to get car all fixed up and gooder


Monday, January 01, 2007

doin' nuthin'....

Ha ha ha ha....very bloody funny

Today I have....

  • helped darlin set up two large tents to ascertain that all bits were present and then take them down again, which also led to me falling in the only hole in the back yard and almost breaking my bloody leg and then having to remove dogs nose from places it shouldnt be lots of times before smacking it in the head very hard and hurting my hand because dog has a huge and very hard head

  • scrubbed a bathroom

  • vacuumed all the dust off all the floors

  • taken down a christmas tree and packed away various christmas bits and pieces in a FINDABLE place for next year (after untangling myself from miles of tinsel of course)

  • been to Coles because I forgot today was a public holiday and children still want to eat damn them

  • washed kitchen window flyscreen so that you can actually see through it. To do this one had to first remove all 75 paintbrushes, 12 cat food tin covers, 2 dead wettex, 1000 dead flies and a glass or 2 from the window sill and find appropriate homes for them

  • Done 3 or 4 loads of washing

  • Cooked a meal or two

  • Threw away 2 mouse houses that havent actually had mice in them for quite some time now and never will again because I am the mother and I say NOOOO

  • Had a heartattack when a teenager came up and asked if it could help with the housework...rapidly recovered and set it to work on the skirting boards which are now schmick and all the dirty marks have gone off the back of the bathroom door too...impressive for sure
  • washed and salty soaked 75,000 crystals

Umm, thats about it I think

I still havent cleaned the damn ceiling fan