Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Doctor in Sydney is most pleased at blood test results indeed.

Is sending stuff up to kill parasites which will be good too, make it easier for her body to process things etc

I have recieved my order of apricot kernels and they taste terrible

Of course

Been a busy woman the last few days

but all is well

Except its feeling like that time of the month again again again



Monday, July 28, 2008


Took mum to quack to have her head cut off today but they couldnt do it due to it being situated on top of an artery.....

you think I'm joking??

I am not

Well, maybe it was a growth ON her head but still.......

Anyway, her blood test results were back

Guess what

the tumour marker levels have gone....


shit a brick!

from 16 down to 10.6

in a month

hmmmm...maybe we are doing something right


Tahni seems to think that this means that the tumour is not producing protein which means it is possible that it hasn't re seeded its ugly self somewhere else and its entirely possible that cancer cells have been murdered and this is all good, yes!

Also, liver and kidney functions are normal and she is a touch aenemic so iron tablets are called for.

But its all good one would think....

wouldn't one?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

all is well

same day different name


mother is improving

going to bed now


Friday, July 25, 2008

next bit

Mother is feeling a bit better today

as long as she doesnt do anything

or talk


I want what she got??

I didnt mean it universe...........

Darlin is coming today

Only one male soon to be gone child at home tonight

In another life that may have been a cause for excitement

but not in this one oh no

must go build a fire in the office bin to keep warm

am giving up on dry


They are building a giant mud puddle in my backyard

I hope its ready for swimming in by summer

that would be kinky yes??/

as it is it is really going to be a retaining wall with some more level ground attached to it. This will apparently stop me rolling down the hill when I put washing on the line....

what washing on the line???

Thats what clothes dryers are for yes?

However, it may be a good thing if I decide to find time to have a BBQ or something..

I am pondering what the F I will do all day if mum is not very sick and the business gets sold....

hmmm maybe SFA!!

That will be good for a few days and then what???????




Thursday, July 24, 2008


Been to quack

got giant mega antibiotics for very crook mother

who has crackly lungs and we are warding off pneumonia because that would really suck

poor woman is coughing wet buckets


please send healing

dont want hospital do we



Thats that...

Mum is sick

Been vomiting phlegm up all night and cant breathe properly

Going to quacks in half an hour

Hoping its just the flu turned chesty


Monday, July 21, 2008

Papal exhaustion

I am back!

Only a day late too

thats how long it took to get out of the gates of Randwick Racecourse.......

My god.....ess, I have never seen so many people in one place before

And all so well behaved

And even quiet...during the mass you could have heard a pin drop

and it was actually rather beautiful to sit in all that prayer energy...nearly blew the top of my head off

Did you know they smudge each other during mass??

Most interesting and the message was nice and I agree with Renata re the calling of the church 'she'...did my head in a bit too....why did they not progress to the next natural step....??? Like hellooooo...mother earth etc etc

It was interesting to see the ritual, not unlike any of our rituals really, and feel the energy and see the similarity rather than the differences...

There should be more of that in this world should there not...

I really dont get it but I am glad I went...it was an EXPERIENCE.....

Popey was pretty cute really...

Much cuter than Bishop Pell who came across like a politician

And the music was sublime and majestic and very beautiful too

I took pics but no doubt you have all seen it on the box

Huge event and many bodies and no fights.....hmmmm

AND somebody else cooked me dinner two nights in a row


Friday, July 18, 2008


Did I say I was bored???/

Frikken frikkety frikkkkkk

I am stuuupppiid

I am overwhelmed with things to do due to going to see popey

Best laid plans are always going wrong

and people (ie children of mine) keep needing to be sorted out and some idiot (me) who promised to have a painting or two ready for this weekend for the cloisters down there and didnt start them till the other day and has to wash things and dry and iron them and the dog keeps getting out so darlin must come and dogsit and the gas ran out and it was COLD and everyone wants MONEY and I dont want to give it to them and tenants are crying and making me feel sorry for them and people wont buy any houses and IM SICK OF THEM.....

all of them

yes indeed

and the pope too

he better appreciate the fact that I shall be spending my only day off ever travelling to see him and wheelchairing my parent around and staying at rich aunties house and then coming home on the farkin train to open this shithole for monday morning...I better get a special papal dispensation for this I tell you...at least a divorce or something....

and where is my mother??
At home washing her knickers and freaking out about having TO SEW UP THE HEM ON A PAIR OF TRACKY DAKS.....

am insane I tell you

and my sister is going to Hong Kong on Monday instead of coming here to help me....

smart girl that one but in line for a bashing soon for sure

so I hope that all made sense



Thursday, July 17, 2008

ho hum

bored bored bored bored bored bored

and etc

.........just wanted to get back on the top of the list


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It gets better!!!

I am sooo popular with the religious leaders of the modern world....

not only do I get to go and mass it up with Popey

I have also been invited, as one of a couple of select families of special people,

to go and have a chat and get up close and personal with the very big knob head of Opus Dei....

Im not quite sure why this honour is bestowed apon me

perhaps because I am hung inside the walls of various cloisters down there

and I havent actually made death threats regarding the kidnap of my child??

Said child is using emotional blackmail to get me to go so she can get up close and personal with Opi I think....

Opi and Popey in one seven day period may just be too much for my glorious self to cope with...


My life is soo interesting isnt it!


I could take him a flyer from the cottage!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Major Excitement in backpassage....


Got to the office this morning half asleep and moaning

only to find someone had already opened up for me!!

at about 2 am apparently

through the window

which they have thoughtfully left behind for the cops to fingerprint


they left my new computer here too

and the crappy ones too

and $2.25 in the cash tin

lucky I had taken the real money home.....

so thoughtful


they could have shut the fridge dont you think

and picked up all the files they dropped on the floor


I am awake now!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Apparently those of us who attend the popey mass next week will be automatically forgiven all our sins!!

How exciting!!

and here was me thinking I had to do all that for myself

so silly

It just takes a MAN.....

should have known better


I am cold and coldsore ridden and have swollen glands in my neck

I will see if popey can do a quick miracle healing whilst I am being forgiven


Thursday, July 10, 2008

and and

Apon further reflection I am realising that whilst I sit on my pity pot I am forgetting that i have been so 'busy' in the past 6 months, trying to be doing and being all to all, that my relating skills are up the shitter and I am expecting people to read my mind and have an in built radar to my moods. This not fair and perhaps I need to practise the word 'help' a bit and actually demand and then accept it sometimes so that I am not being seen as 'she who copes with all' all the bloody time?

even though I am and I do.....

most usually


soooo smart


Im feeling the need to elaborate on that last post. Seeings as it could be taken many ways.

I have had a funny few days, weeks, months...whatever.

I have noticed that, without the input of myself in a lot of situations that if I am not actively 'stirring the pot' of a relationship and encouraging it, then it ceases to exist.

I know that I can and do and have many times read more into something than is warranted and have a tendency to live in my head at the moment and perhaps place more importance on things than others do, but that is MY way and I am one of those people who have learned that all the words in the world dont get you jack shit without some action behind them.

That applies to many things, not just people and relationships.

I can say Im going to give up smoking and talk about it and yet if I dont actually stop putting lit cigarette to mouth nothing is achieved, proven or benefited from all the pretty words, is there.

I can tell you I love you and want you and need you and you can tell me too but if neither of us is looking each other in the eye then it doesnt mean anything does it.

I was gunna gets me nowhere

I want gets me nowhere

I wish gets me nothing

Sitting on my arse takes me nowhere

Hindsight is irrelevent really

And procrastination is guilt inducing

So, I do believe that actions speak louder than words and that at times inaction has its own little voice that is saying something rather rude to me.

I am not referring to anything or person in particular here, except for maybe my family, just wondering where all my 'help' has gone and realising that 'I will help you' are words and that the action is being carried out by only myself at this point in time.

Having said that, I havent actually asked for any so what does that make me?

Must be the matyr in me...


Wednesday, July 09, 2008


....about relationships and people and who we think our friends are and why we think so and what is important and what is not and knowing that, whatever the situation, actions speak louder than words.

Monday, July 07, 2008

rhapsody of the farkin blues......


another monday

I am so bored with this same old same old

I dont have enough to do

Its driving me nuts


My life is groundhog frikken day

I know this will change and I should be grateful its quiet

but IM NOT!

no no no

I am pissed

and going insane slowly but surely

oh well

tomorrow I get to go to the hospital to arrange a date for a camera up my other bum to make sure I dont have bowel cancer

that will be nice wont it

then I am going to the hairdressers to get my shaggy kids hair chopped and my grey ones disguised hopefully

that will be ecstatically exciting too Im sure

and in a couple of weeks I am going to see the POPE

wont that be joyous!

14 000 000 000 people and me all nodding off to latin prayers or whatever it is the pope does

the things I do for my kids/mother I tell you

supreme sacrifice

and I'll probably get shot or something

but hey

its POPEY!

he is very famous you know

and I did want a word with him after all about child stealing


I wonder if Madonna will be the supporting act?

I think I will wear my pentagram

or I would if I had one

that will get me arrested Im sure


Thursday, July 03, 2008


Its that time again

you know

of the month

bleeding to death time


something to look forward to for the next 10 or so days

oh yeah

some women say they look forward to this??

they must be the ones who actually DO bleed a couple of teaspoons full

pah i say

and frik too


and there are strange ugly men in my driveway

with machinery and stuff

holding up the house next door


and I am sick of being broke

and my baby is going to Germany

and the nuns stole another one offa me

and they all eat too much anyway



and bosh

that is all