Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Apparently I have to speak a wish into existence so here I go.....

I wish to earn a good and decent living by using my creativity and my artistic talent and doing something I LOVE.

That is all :)

I am PACKING to move into the other thing I seem to have manifested recently :)

Note to self......must get out of own road.

PS: I have decided to stop being a fuzzy headed moron, it isn't my style and I really need to get back to some exercise, my arse is HUGE!

Now that is really all.....:)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready, set, gooooooooo...........

I am far too bloody confused and busy to be blogging my mind right now.

Well, not confused as such, lets just say mind fogged?

Overwhelmed with no energy in reserve for thinking straight?

Ummmmm.........oh, who cares anyway.

I am busy....

I will be back when I am not so busy....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is this lurve....is this lurve that I'm feelin'.....

I've decided that it doesn't actually matter where my head is at right now because I am operating out of my heart anyway :)

In about a week and a half I am going to be going into overdrive and getting extremely busy renovating and moving into a new house.....simultaneously.....argh

This week I am supposed to be packing up everything that can be packed and possibly trailered over to K's garage, because I will only have half a house to begin with....

It's kind of hilarious actually....


I am blessed am I not?

I have somewhere to live that will be mine for the first time in my entire life. I find that disconcerting! I may even be starting to feel a little excited!

We did go and buy an antique dresser for the half a kitchen and an antique-y washstand/vanity for our bedroom that is currently a garage.....there IS a plan here to have a bedroom ready asap!
And we are just waiting for council approval to finally happen on the revised plans for the deck/other half of the house.....snort.

Ahhhh, my life is fun. Really! I spent a large part of this weekend on the back of a big black Harley Davidson riding around in the sunshine and having some fun with the guy I love. How can I complain? I need to remind myself that my life is just an experience. An adventure even! How awesome is it that I have all these blessings?

I have two more young girls I hope to form some sort of nice relationship with eventually. My K has two daughters and my hope is that we all get to be good friends, his kids, my kids, we two grown ups. I don't expect to have to be mum to them, they have a mum, I don't expect K to have to be dad to mine, they don't need that. If we can all manage to respect and care about and for each other to some degree then life will be sweet. This move will hopefully be the first step in facillitating this stuff. Distance has been difficult. There haven't been too many nights I have had to spend alone in the past four months and this has required a lot of travel and running around and some mixed emotions as well on the part of the kids who may be feeling left out, whichever lot that may be at the time. I know this will all settle down and become something else once we are all close by. Time will tell how that goes and I just hand it all up to my 'god' to look after. If I think about it too much my head caves in!

All I know for sure right now is that I love this man. I love to be with him, I love the way he makes me feel inside, like a woman and a kid and a damn goddess too, I love feeling cared for and about and I love caring for and about him. I love the way he calls me Midge and the Babe, the way he throw his head back and laughs like a loony and smiles with his eyes. The way he runs around like a maniac, head down and full tilt and I love the way he holds my hand all the time and rings me 100 times a day. I love it that he is passionate about stuff and does it even though it hurts him sometimes, that he thinks his daughters are princesses even though they drive him to despair sometimes, that he thinks I deserve the best. I love that stuff. And a whole lot more. I love the way he loves me. Fullstop. So, I'm jumping in here feet first I guess, because I choose to trust my heart. And I would rather love a whole lot and risk getting hurt, than not love out of fear and miss out on a whole lot of beauty for the sake of an imagined fear.

I choose love. I never want to not choose love. Having said that, I am also no idiot. My eyes are wide open. Now.....onto the rest of life

I did my first tattoo this week! I did okay and can see me doing better. By the end of a couple of hours I felt I could handle the gun okay. Now I guess it's a matter of practice and seeing things in a way that allows for the medium. Hmmmmm.......I have seen some wonderful tattoos in my researching lately, I hope I can get that good one day. I hope I can be good enough that I can make a bit of money out of this on a regular basis. That'd be cool.
I am grateful today. For choices, for love, for free will and for you.

Yes, you :)

Have a good one people, take care of you and yours.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stuff about stuff...

Life can be challenging can it not?

I find myself in a place where I am examining everything and if it isn't important to me or mine then it can basically get fucked.

I have learned over the past year or so that sometimes the people and things you think are your backbone are actually just full of shit and when the shit hits the fan the shit goes running. That's life I guess.

I have just visited my best friend in the psych ward, due to her depression finally getting the better of her in spite of the most valiant effort by her to not let it do this. I have had to watch this woman get so low that she almost checked out of here and I, as well as a few other friends, have had to watch her spiral down and just hold her hand while she did what she needed to. I am saddened by this but also grateful that she is now down so low that the only way out is up now.
I used to be really angry with some people who I thought were our friends and part of my support system and hers as well, but that is just a waste of energy. Energy I don't have right now.

Some people want what you have so badly that they will just take it. Weird isn't it.

As for me? How am I? Well, I am up and I am down. I am very very happy in my personal life. I have a good man in my life who treats me well and who loves me.

Perversely, I am also feeling kind of depressed and a bit stressed out and that is understandable I suppose, given all the different stressors I am experiencing or have experienced recently in my life.

I am feeling a bit less than confident for some reason. Doubting myself and my capabilities. Doubting my self, full stop. I don't like it.

I was talking to Munchoman this morning and he pointed out to me that I have let my 'routine' lapse lately, that I have stopped exercising, haven't been writing or blogging, which has always helped me to reflect on where I am at, I haven't been to the beach and I haven't been practicing my art, which centres me. And he is so right. I haven't been doing any of the stuff that makes me me and then I wonder why I feel so far away from myself. I have just been running around trying to avoid sitting down and feeling sad stuff I suppose. I can do the happy but the sad is what kills me. I don't like sad. I never have and i AM SO DAMN SICK OF SAD.

I am about to get really busy now and life will be full of stuff. I am moving into a new house, that I am going to be buying, with this man I plan on spending the rest of forever with.
This is all fast and big and exciting and scary too.

I don't have a job and I will need one sooner or later. That is scary too. I don't have a clue what I really want to do to earn money. I would like to go get qualified for something but I don't know what. I could probably swing it, financially, that I could do some sort of study, but what? I guess I should just try to have some faith that I will know what to do when the right time comes. But sometimes that doesn't feel like it's enough you know? Sometimes I feel like I don't know anything and that I deserve to be nothing, have nothing and that isn't right. I deserve the best. The very best I can possibly imagine. And you know, that, for me, isn't all about money and things, though money and things are nice and I like them, for me, the best is about the people I have around me. It's about knowing my children are on the right track and that the people I love in my heart are okay and happy. That they know that I love them and that I do my best for them. If I am doing my best I can't be doing any better can I??? I just want to know, here in my heart, that it's all real. Honest and real.

I figured out a while ago that if I have honest and real and if my life is based around those two things then everything is okay, regardless of anything else. Sometimes honest and real isn't pretty and sometimes it hurts. But it gets balanced out by those other times when you just know, in your heart and your gut, that you are in EXACTLY the right place.

And I am. In spite of my messy at times head I know that I am doing the right thing. I am not always ecstatic here, I am not always smiling, but I am happy and I am satisfied that this is right. I can't ask for more than that right now. I trust what my heart tells me and that feels good.

I like it like that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am excited, grateful and a little bit crazy :)

So, what else is new.....

I have a vacate date for the new house and it is only a couple of weeks away....thus I must pack!

I must also purchase many things like paint and paint and paint and floors and stuff and paint too.....

I must move a big house full of crap into a little house, this should be fun

*grins madly*

I better get a quote from a removalist so I can have a heart attack....

I'd better throw out lots more crap.....

Hey MunchoMan! I need our deck!



*grins and cackles like a maniac*

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life on life's terms...

I'm finding it hard to concentrate just lately. Actually, I think this has been going on for a while but I was just too busy to notice. I guess it's due to stress????
I am so over waiting for things to happen. I would like to have a situation where I can just get stuck into it and it gets done you know?
As it is it seems that every single damn thing in my life at the moment is taking it's own sweet time to happen, regardless of what I want or think I need.....sound familiar??
Powerless.....I hate powerless, but I am trying not to let it get on top of me. I just want out of here!
I want to be working on stuff that means something to me. To be building a new life filled with things that are important to me and to mine and to be moving in a direction away from this here. This here is a sad place, at times a mad place.
Limbo, I am in limbo and I fucking well hate it.
I want to be excited about stuff but something inside me holds me back.
Today I had a huge attack of the 'I'm not good enoughs'.......not good enough to get a job, to have the things I want, to have the relationship I want, I can sometimes get in this mood where I question the validity of everything I know in my heart to be true.
I question my own reality and could easily throw myself away in a moment if I let myself go there.....it's scary sometimes, to be me.
I question the truth in what I am told, I question the decisions I make based on my intuition rather than my head, I question the people who love me.....I don't want to do that. I don't like the little army that gets in my head some days.....that army is out to get me.
Today I feel very very sad and angry and a bit lonely. Which is silly really. I don't much like being alone right now and I can't seem to sit still and just be......I kind of miss that but I figure I will get back to it eventually.
I think I am actually quite stressed and also perhaps a bit depressed. I feel kinda heavy and dull around the edges and I can't seem to get motivated to do the things I used to like to do. I know this will pass and I am confident that everything will work out, 95 percent of the time, the other 5 percent can be fairly unpleasant right now. It will pass, I know this.
Slowly but surely my mothers affairs are getting sorted out. We have accepted an offer on the house and other financial matters are being sorted out. Not as quickly as I would like but what else is new?
I am embarking on a new life adventure soon and will be moving back into town, into a house with my man and so, into a whole new situation. I do this with my eyes wide open and am looking forward to it, most of the time. I get a little wobbly sometimes, because it is daunting as well as exciting and part of me would just like some peace and quiet for a long long while.
I find it interesting at times to sit back and watch me try to sabotage myself. And I also find it interesting that I can't be bothered playing games anymore. There are some situations in my life right now that, if I chose to buy into them, could do my head right in. But they really are nothing to do with me and the people involved in them are not who I want to be giving my energy to, ever. So, I try to choose not to. Going back to the fellowship has definitely been an experience for me. I don't really like it much actually. I am grateful for it, but it can be a very sick little place too. I need to be aware of that and not let me be dragged into dramas that other people create so they don't have to look at themselves.

I don't really know why I am rambling on, just trying to get it out of me I suppose.

It's my 44th birthday this coming Sunday and I don't care. I just do not care. I am powerless over grey hair and wrinkly bits too.

I just want a deck dammit....


Monday, March 08, 2010

Truth and lies....

I always suspected
that the pillow you laid
beneath my aching head
would crumble
into a thousand dusty feathers
one day

Yet I open myself wide anyway
here, beneath you
I lay the bare bones of me
hidden under these musty layers
my soul shines here
the very truth of me
if you care to see

Just for today
I am seduced
by a dream

I choose to believe....

Fuck cancer...

the laughter
the tears
the joy
the honesty
the love

Thank you Renee

I will miss you

Fuck cancer

just fuck it

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ten things....

Ten things you may or may not want to know about me......

  1. I am loyal and if I love you, you can consider yourself loved :)
  2. I am not stupid or blind or even a little bit deluded, I simply choose to have real people in my life, people who show me, by their actions and not by false words, that they genuinely give a rats arse about me
  3. I am well loved by the people I choose to have in my life these days, very well loved and grateful for that
  4. I miss the fact of my mother but am not sure if I actually miss 'her' .....I find this a little disconcerting but given our history then maybe it is normal and maybe I am just feeling a little bit free of some stuff I have carried for a life time.
  5. I am in love with a man who understands what makes me tick, I find this a bit weird but will learn to live with it because I also like him a lot.......and like is actually a majorly important factor in a relationship
  6. I will no longer publish anonymous comments on my blog, if you have the guts to disagree then have the guts to ID yourself so I know who I am talking to please. Fair is fair people, I am being open with you, show me the same courtesy.
  7. I will not tolerate bullshit in my life. Most especially from myself.
  8. I can be very full of it at times and need to remember that we are all human and as such prone to making mistakes. Forgiveness is essential, as is tolerance. I'm working on it...... it might take a while. Like a lifetime or so.
  9. I now have a tattoo of a tribal style dragonfly on my back. I like it. My love got a dragonfly tattoed over his heart. I find that kinda cool :)
  10. I love you....yes, you

Have a great day people.....

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fact or fiction?

I am feeling very sad that some people seem to feel the need to destroy a good person in order to make themselves feel better about a crappy thing that they did.

I feel sad that things can't be let go of and bridges built.

I feel oh so sad that nasty nasty things can get said and done in the name of 'spirituality' and that justification for some means shooting another down when they haven't got much lower to go and then kicking them in the face to top it all off.

There is a name for this stuff, it is called persecution.

Why continue to fan the flames of a fire that should never have been lit?

For Christs sake, enough is enough, remember the many many good things she did for you and leave the crap where it belongs.

The power lies in love and forgiveness.

This is my last word on this.

Own your own stuff people before it bites you on the arse one day and it will, trust me.