Thursday, December 27, 2007


Survived festivus

sanity almost intact

my brother in law is a pompous arse

my son is an asshole

my mother is trying to pickle cancer with alcohol

all is well

time to get serious now

watch out people


Monday, December 24, 2007

to you

Merry Festivus to you all

see you soon


Sunday, December 23, 2007


Feeling a bit more human today after a day of doing nothing much and another to look forward to

Back to the grind tomorrow

My sister has arrived at mums so I can breath

Shopping is all done bar the fruit and veg, which will be ridiculously expensive on xmas eve but what else is new?

wont even mention fuel...

Had noice coffees and cheesecakes with real people last night so the world is still turning

Darlin thinks I have left him for scrabble because thats how I turn my head off

The bad thing is that now Ive had time to wind down I am feeling the fear.....cancer, my god!

Chemo, hair loss, vomiting, offices........moving!

I think I will have to move us over to Backpassage in order to be able to cope

It seems the most sensible thing to do right now

My children will not love me


Enough...Im going to scrabble before my head explodes

better than drugs yes???

Friday, December 21, 2007

wilt i shall be awake at dawn saysimus I...??

"Whynt cha gedda broyne wontcha fug ya"

I love driving at Christmas time, especially when the bus in front of you stops and leaves you stranded in the middle of a keep clear zone in peak hour

People are so kind

I flipped him the bird of course, in keeping with traditional Christmas spirit

and waited and let 30 people turn left in front of me

just to keep him in line


any hoo, I am here

I have been asleep for two hours

my feet hurt

my back aches

I need to get over it

and on with it

oh dear


Thursday, December 20, 2007


Saw head honcho at Oncology.....VERY head honcho director of joint guy

He says the cancer is very treatable and that her chances are good

Surgery asap...which in public hospital speak means the next 30 days mind you

then 6 months chemo, local and intravenous to get the bits they miss

I am sorry to be short but the day has been veeerrryyyy long, and the one before, and the one before.....and many more to come I imagine

Thank you for your wishes people...please send healing to Sandra

and strength to me

more later



Appointment at Oncology this afternoon

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Briefly, because I am too fucked to do more right now

My mum has a tumour 12cm x 9cm x 8cm which used to be her right seems to be contained but for a small amount of fluid, which is good and not

No other organs seem to be afflicted at this point

Went for a CAT scan this arvo and off to docs and probably hospital tomorrow to get the fucker out....

Then I dont know

maybe chemo...

Ho ho ho

Monday, December 17, 2007



are we there yet???

Saturday, December 15, 2007









descriptive writing at its finest yes

Friday, December 14, 2007

ha ha

I have seen funnier things than my cat

who has been eating strings of tinsel off the festy bush

tearing around the house with twinkly strings of poo balls hanging out of its bum!!

Im sure I have

but not today....


off to Hades


Hell in a Box

Thursday, December 13, 2007

practising gratitude

I am grateful for the 34 turns of scrabble that awaited me this morning

I am grateful for the opportunity to work in backpassage AND Hades in the same 24 hour period

I am grateful for................

oh fark

How lucky can one girl be!!!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

slice of life

Reading comments from last post has prompted me to elaborate a touch

This is the guy whom I left because he didn't mind punching me around with babies in my arms or in my belly...

This is the guy who showed my 4, 3 and 1 year old a gun and bullets telling them they had my name on them and so hasn't seen these kids for 12 years....

This is the guy I am sending my son to for Christmas

Get it???

This is not about fathers who show up occasionally, I wish it was

While I don't believe he will hurt Josh, I am struggling with it all.....

But he is a big boy now and needs to know....

Fark it

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

lifes like that

You know how it is when your head is full and your hands are heavy


Lots going on in my life right now

Lots of shit from my past coming up for me with the arrival of my ex in my sons life

Josh is going to him for christmas and I feel like I am sending him to the monster under the bed

and it hurts that 12 years down the track this arsehole has me reeling yet again

I swore he would never hurt me again and yet here I am again

I wish he had just conveniently died sometime

oh well

life goes on

and it looks like my mother may be really quite sick

will know more by next week but the quack is concerned enough to be rushing her through tests before xmas


the daughter stealing Catholic bastards will have my daughter for xmas and I wont

whinge bitch moan x 34523

I will prevail!

I will.....

farking gobshites

on the bright side?

It will rain today

Someone will enjoy that I suppose


grrrr sob moan sigh


thats enough of this!

Friday, December 07, 2007

yawn...... )0(


I am so slack arent I

all been frantic havent you

i am not punctuating...cant be snaggered

I am soooooo good

I got all my xmas shopping done in a day and a half

one pressie left to find and only because its for my little brother (who is 6' 2") and he is a pain because he never 'wants anything'...

well, maybe I will get him nothing and see if he can manage a request next year!

It was very nice to have the money to just go and buy.....I like it a lot

better make some more now so I can buy more stuff!!

Just like that heh!


anyhoo, its done

thank fark

what else I hear you ask???

Well, back passage of course....which I am now receiving renumeration for, due to selling of many houses due to excellent positive energy influx of my good self of course.....

not much renumeration but still, better than paperclips for sure

and a haircut too. I got a haircut.....

and a clean ish house, I managed one of those as well

I only have 12 things in my washing basket....a rough estimate as I refuse to count

I have not put my bush up for display yet

I am waiting to see if anyone around here notices

It is entirely possible they wont until 3 days before C day

I slept for 3 hours this arvo and will now be up all night so as to get suitably exhausted before hoing ay Hades tomorrow......

and scrabulous is offline due to getting better,,,bastards!

I have 43 games waiting for me you know

gosh bosh

I wish someone would come clean out my fridge for me


good bye


Saturday, December 01, 2007

was a good day

this is quick




head is rolling around shoulders

It was a great day and I am now not worried about paying for xmas!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

poo indeedy do

After the lacing of 4 drums and then a whole day of cutting out 4000000 matt boards with my notsoschmickanymore matt cutter, I now have a right thumb the size of a small mountain...

and it hurts too

AND today I must go to backpassage and write out 467,000 Christmas cards with said thumb doing the do again...

soon I will be all thumb....ahem

AND my left elbow joint has decided now would be a good time to send shooting pains to me every time I move it

happy joy

on the bright side

things are getting done!

soon I shall be doing them with my feet and teeth


this better be worth it!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This week end I have

  • made 500000 cards to sell at art bazaar ( I hope! )
  • driven to Kurri and back twice in one day to see eldest CSV
  • given driving lessons to said CSV
  • cut out 4 drum bags to be sown soon
  • made 4 drums to go into them
  • cleaned the reeking toilet and bath
  • vacuumed ? the floors
  • cook various food stuffs
  • been shopping 3 times

Ummmmmm, and more stuff that has floated away for now

oh yes, played scrabble and breathed


Im not finished yet TONI so shut up already.......


I still have about 30 artworks to cut out mounts for and then mount

Then 500000 or so cards and 50 or so artworks must be bagged up and labelled

Drums must be painted when they dry

more dinners will be cooked

and washing done when necessary

children taxied

etc etc etc





busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

very busy

and a bit stuffed too


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

worth it...

Have spent the last 2 days running around like a blue arsed fly because daughter no 2 decided to go to the formal at the last minute after refusing all along

as they do

I have walked miles and spent a goddamm fortune

and you know what

she was worth it


Sunday, November 18, 2007

sunday again

I am here

Its Sunday

Im resting


Friday night was a nice night spent having yummy dinner with lovely people

Yesterday was hoing at the pit

Today is getting stuff in order to be flogged at Art Bazaar in 2 weeks time

and resting of course

because I am still tired

and scrabble

lets not forget scrabble

and trying to move in spite of muscles that have been sorely abused at the gym

and other such stuff


Friday, November 16, 2007

dont forget

Sunnies tonight



86 Maitland Rd, Islington (down the bottom of Beaumont St and turn left)

Please come

I dont want to be eating alone!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

excuse me...





you know who you are......



Might I ask, politely and respectfully of course, why everyone I thrash on a regular basis has a higher rating than me??

Yes I am talking about scrabble


They decide to instigate ratings on the very day that everyone finally beats me??

bloody snoffing hell I say

Must get revenge.......

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gosh josh

This week I have hung my work at Sunnies Cafe

NEXT Friday I am reserving a table at said place for get together of friendly type people......

Please let me know if you are coming so I can advise Amanda of numbers etc so we have chairs to sit on!

This has been a very strange week and I don't have time to blog about it right now

Im sure you all have experienced its strangeness yourselves anyway

I am wishing that Sunday with Robert was still on

and also, did I miss summer??

It seems to be winter again and here I was getting ready to go for a swim soon




I would like a smoke now........


Tuesday, November 06, 2007



that is all

Saturday, November 03, 2007

cant talk...mouth full


I never knew

No wonder people get fat wehn they stop smoking

I have eaten the whole house today....and what I missed darlin' got

I have a head like a seive......was all prepared and ready and set to go to soul collage today

yep..i organised my day around this

except it didnt start at 2.......

no, that was when it finished


so I ate some more


I look like i am 9 months preggers

and would like to vomit now

I will NOT be doing this tomorrow

I would have to go to the gym every half hour to work it off


I am alive and well so don't be worrying okay

yes, I mean you

Friday, November 02, 2007

I am good

I am.....


good me

I have gymed today

and slept

and shopped

and thats all really

What I have not done.....


farkety yay

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I signed me and my girls up at the gym the other day and this morning we went for our first workout......


major embarrassment

I am so unfit

but not for long......

I have new gym pants and they make me go faster

and I must eat fruit before going so I don't nearly pass out like I did this morning


whilst trying on said gym pants I couldn't help but notice that the entire thigh region of my good self is a wobbling mass of pitted cellulite

so not impressed

apparently the soup machine helps with cellulite too

I farkin well hope so

how did I let myself get so old and decrepit??

now I need some shoes that are not too big so I don't trip over my own feet whilst bouncing around on the wobble board..not that the board wobbles but I certainly do

grunt snoff sweat and faint

at least I got out of doing squats for a month due to bad back......

but only for a month

on the bright side

I did get up and go

on the dark side

today is my last smoking day



Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am....

  • painting
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • playing scrabble

and not necessarily in that order

just in case you are interested, of course

I feel skinny, my jeans were long today

must be the lack of toxins

bah, the first layer anyway

Im still very tired but not to the bone...


Saturday, October 27, 2007

for your information

I have found you an article that tells of ion detox - es - ing etc

I am buying one of these machines and will be using it to make me better, and Darlin', and anyone else who is interested ( for a small fee, one has to pay for this machine after all ).......

If I hadn't witnessed what came out of me I never would have believed it possible

and if I hadn't experienced the well being that I feel today as opposed to yesterday I never would have believed it either

Amazing stuff

I have been reading up on detox and it is fascinating...the effects of what we put into our bodies are horrifying!


~ Ion Detoxication Foot Bath ~

Detoxification for a complete re-balance of the body's bio-energy fields.
Ion detoxification foot bath helps improve your Health, Feel invigorated and rejuvenated by helping your body to re-balance its bio-energy fields and stimulate the body’s detoxification. The body's organs will naturally function better when the electro-magnetic fields are charged. The ion energy charged footbath will help you feel young again.

~ Why Have An Ion Detox Foot Bath Treatment? ~

With the increase in the number of chemicals introduced in the last fifty years, there has been a dramatic increase in incidences of auto-immune disease, allergies and common infections.There are tens of thousands of chemicals in use today and more than a forth of these are known to be toxic and nothing is known about their interactive effects. Body fat has been tested that contains residue of hundreds of chemicals. Metals, such as mercury and cadmium are everywhere and impossible to avoid. Lead can block red blood cell formation. Chemicals can act as toxins that can block receptor sites on cells, and cause changes in calcium homeostasis selectively killing cells, and alter expression of gene products. Metals and chemical toxins weaken the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to virus, bacterial fungal and parasitic infections. In an attempt to detoxify these substances, our bowels, kidneys and liver are being overloaded.
Our eliminative channels have become blocked or dysfunctional, because, in conjunction with these synthetic chemicals, and the western diet that is so acid forming and de-vitalized. To relieve the strains on the kidneys and liver it is more important than ever to maintain a detoxification regimen. The ion foot bath is designed to relieve these strains and help the body re-balance its energy fields allowing organs to function better.

Some mild symptoms of toxicity include:

Headaches, lethargy, obesity, constipation, bad breath, anxiety, poor skin,digestive disorders, forgetfulness, allergies, poor circulation, cellulite.

Some severe cases of toxicity can include:

High blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems, kidney failure, cancer.

~ How Does Ionization Work? ~

The complex energy fields of the unit permeate the water, realigning a body’s energy field. Many of the benefits of the can be attributed to the "rebalancing" of these energy lines allowing a body mass to function better. This action results in the initial purging of toxins and nucleic waste product kept and/or generated within the cells and surrounding membrane. Following the purge there is a re-correction of any abnormal deterioration within the body that has been caused by illness, injury, and viral and/or any other life experience, excluding birth defects.
The Ion detoxification device is a method for creating a bio-charge that is both safe and compatible with living matter. Water is the obvious medium used because up to 80% of the human body is water. Water is an active substance, so when water comes into contact with something, the frequency of what it contacts is integrated into its own frequency structure and thus becomes its signature. When you immerse a body mass into water, the frequency is instantly added to the water as a "memory".
The Ion Foot Bath detoxification accelerates change in the body. Aging and disease states are characterized by a diminishing anabolic capacity and an increasing catabolic capacity. Toxic buildup of cellular waste and debris is the inevitable outcome of these trends. Reversing them through whole body detoxification requires nutritional support, particularly digestive enzymes, reduction of stress hormones, trace minerals and fatty acids, which are involved in the movement and transport of raw materials in the body.


to put it another way, the largest pores in our bodies are in our feet and the process works via thats how it gets out!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I am filth!

Putrid disgusting soupy scum



Today I had an ion detox

You should have seen what came out of me!

and that was just the top scoop....

No wonder I feel like shit

I am made of it

erk x 35528766

But you know what??

Tonight I feel 50 % better than I did this morning

which was - 50% of anything approaching normal

This morning and lately I have felt truely very ill and worried about why

Now I know...

I am full of shit and do not make for good soup

Just ask Maryme

she witnessed what came through my feet

and didnt even vomit

she is my hero

Bright side??

I can do something about it

and am



so, this is interesting

Thu Oct 25, 2007 2:08 pm (PST)

SOLARA'S Latest Surf Update - - OCTOBER 23, 2007

Beyond a doubt, this is one of the most critical MAKE or BREAK times
that we have ever experienced. Absolutely everything is on the line.
From now until the end of the year, we are setting the templates for
our future.

Because of this, it's essential that we aim ourselves into our truest
direction. For if we continue to compromise ourselves by staying in
expired situations, relationships, jobs, friendships, activities,
attitudes and patterns, we will find that we are going to get very
stuck. We will miss the immense promise of the Golden Opportunities
that are on their way to us. By choosing the tired security of the
old, we will miss the brilliant chance to expand our beings to a
totally new level where we can Fulfill our Wildest Dreams.

The level that we stand on at the beginning of 2008 will determine
our future experiences for a whole new cycle. Because of this,
important decisions need to be made that will directly impact our
future directions.

The Express Trains into the New are speeding along into the New and
True. Along the way, they are picking up new passengers, those who
are ready to leap aboard with their full beings. This will continue
until the end of the year. After that, the trains will speed up
immeasurably, going so fast that it will be almost impossible to jump

Surprisingly, there are those who are already on the Express Trains
who are panicking and jumping off. The fear of the Unknown has simply
become too strong. They feel that they have reached the limits of
their expansion and can stretch no further beyond their comfort
zones. They know that by riding the Express Trains they will pass the
Point of No Return and will never be able to return to their old ways
of being. This causes them to panic at the last minute and jump off
the train, frantically clutching onto the old and expired.

Whenever this happens, even if it happens to someone whom we dearly
love, we must stay on the train and continue on. There is no longer
time to get off and rescue someone; everyone must make it onto the
train on their own. If we try to get off to help someone, we will
find that the train will continue on without us.

The past week was an extremely challenging one in which many of us
were severely overstretched. Challenging situations continue this
week as well. The intensity levels are so high that many of us are
getting sick, which brings most of our activities to a complete halt.
For some, being sick gives us much needed integration time. Others
are experiencing a far-reaching purification which scours our beings
much like a wildfire scours the landscape.

Scouring is a main theme for this week. Scouring away anything which
is untrue and anything that holds us back. Glitches, obstacles,
issues of self worth and self judgement, narrow ways of seeing,
distortions, disappointments and illusions are being scoured out of
us and out of the matrix itself. Anything which keeps us from living
in the state of Right Time - Right place is being burned away. This
is perfectly mirrored in the huge wildfires that are currently
scouring the landscape of Southern California.

Fire is having a strong influence upon us. Some are experiencing
parts of their body suddenly flare up with immense heat, like
spontaneous combustion. Others are getting icy cold to hold the
balance when so much fire energy is present.

Many are feeling the irritating grating of the grain of sand within
the oyster of our beings. This makes us feel uncomfortable, impatient
or angry, even when we know that the grating grain of sand is
creating a pearl within us.

We are on the brink of immense, life changing, momentous changes. A
monolithic shift is occuring deep within the foundation of our New

This monolithic shift is creating openings into our New Lives. People
whom we hadn't heard from for a long time, are now sitting beside us
on the Express Trains. At the same time, some of those whom we were
positive would be with us to the end, have suddenly disappeared. And
new faces of kindred beings are starting to appear and fill the empty

Our Express Trains are ever speeding up, taking us right into the
Major Intersections of November. And after that, our way ahead will
be immensely clearer.

Wild times indeed, but definitely worth it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Darlin' has had a nice day I think

I really don't know because I was at the arsehole of the world paying bills and making invoices and stuff for most of the day

He did get spoiled though

I went to the quacks

And my iron levels, which should be minimum of 21 are 10

so yes, that makes me tired and exhausted and stuff

and so too does the fact that I apparently have MILD emphasema, or however you spell it.


not good


but could be worse

I was starting to think I had a dispicable disease but this I can manage

Lucky Im giving up smoking next week heh....


sigh again

So, I am on an iron supplement for a month

and quitting the 's' word

and if I dont feel like a new woman by the end of a month

I go to a specialist to have more diagnostic test things and see if things degenerate

or something like that

Interesting yes?



poo bum farkety fark fark


So, I am going to join the gym with my baby girls this week too

and am being detoxified by Black Crows magick machine on Friday

and going into Shelli's school tommorrow to sort out a couple of bullies for her

grrrrr x 33397

That should keep me busy

oh, and finishing paintings due to be hung at Sunnies on the 4th of November

I think we should all have dinner or something

a sort of opening

what say you???

I am releasing the need to smoke ciggies


Monday, October 22, 2007

and so it is...


I feel better today

its only early though

There are 75 paintings in various stages of done-ness in the middle of my house

there is much less dirt than there was

It will be back it tells me

maryme is RUDE at scrabble and makes me laugh

it is Darlin's birthday tommorrow and he will be older than he is today

I have an appointment in the morning to find out the results of my tests at the quacks

I probably need to eat more spinach and get big muscles

well, one would hope

Today will see me have coffee with darlin and Nat

and then do whatever I please

which is nice because tommorrow I file for envelopes

2 months ago I told the universe that my mother would have 10 sales

and now she has....

funny that

have a good one people of mine

Saturday, October 20, 2007

and the point is?

yeah yeah


Im sick

Im tired

Im painting

Im cleaning


Im playing scrabble

such is my life


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

bah ha ha...not


I have just had my arse kicked by a big black man

did you know eelworm is a word!

are these things related??

only in as much as they are both to do with scrabble

hmmm again x 400034

life is funny

Monday, October 15, 2007


I am sad today

and very tired due to playing scrabble all night

my son made me cry this morning

NOBODY makes me cry



I am playing scrabble again

and not getting off the computer for hours

and this is driving him nuts

sweet revenge is had


I am sick of having no energy and feeling 60%

going to the quacks on Friday to have a pap smear and try to find out why my period has decided to extend itself from 5 to 9 or 10 days long over the last 6 months or so


and your feelings on this are??

I am enjoying sitting on my butt whilst kicking others butts

stranger others

hee hee

Saturday, October 13, 2007

.........and Michelle


I have joined some open tables or whatever they are

I am now playing approximately 4000 games of scrabble

they are all speedy and mad

Cottager girls are lovely

and Michelle is too

Friday, October 12, 2007

fark is not an attitude

Hello people

I will babble for a while

because you ask so nicely

I am stuffed

a big week again

hookering and painting and stuff

the girls are happy with their rooms

I am extremely pauperish now though

I took my mother out for dinner last night for her birthday

and went for coffee and banana bread ( i love typing banana, its smooth and you dont know when to stop)

Happy Birthday wiggle ho

My life seems to be made up of many many short episodes of busy all running into each other just lately, well, for quite a while now

I don't quite know how it happened and Im not quite sure I like it but it beats being bored I guess

I am wondering when I will have some me time though

Sometime in 2015 I spose


I wish you people would play your turns


I don't have much to say today

I have just had a sleep and am muzzy headed

It has been nice to not have to do anything today

even though I did have to take Kayla to Spotlight for curtains and go furniture hunting

Life is flowing along in a really fast way

I would like to get off now


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

this day only

Painting rooms hurts


still not bloody finished as I am actually not superwoman even tho' I do a damn good impersonation at times

working in backpassage today

plurgh x 3002

seeds come from pods dont they maryme?

Well, Toni has her painting and even likes it which is always a bonus

Next on the list is finishing poor Glorious' painting slack i feel

Then my commission in between getting 2 done for Sunnies next month

and wearing my new CC shirt

and somewhere in there I must paint some drums and do some works for Art Bizarre too


Better get my red cape back out

but I can do anything you know

one day at a time

Sunday, October 07, 2007

sunday evening with cheesecake and chocolate and paint

I am here


most strange

Ive had a lovely day today

just doing things I want to

shopping for canvas and paper for commission which is going ahead, yay

and food...boring

and shoes for feral boy feet

and socks too

and chocolate

I made a cheesecake that has yet to be tested

I am finishing the trims and doors in Kayla's room and will be starting Shelli's tommorrow

Poor girls have been waiting for 6 months for this so I will get it done over these holidays because I am a cool mom who does what she says


Today I had a funny experience, well, it wasn't funny, just interesting to note

I had to go back into the art shop and tell them they hadn't charged me for something....I got onto the car and realised they had not charged me for it and for about 10 seconds I was arguing with myself in my head about wether or not to go back in because I really did not want to, but I did.....and then the same thing happened in Coles 20 minutes later.

It was only strange because it made me realise that these are things I do automatically these days when once I would have considered it a bonus and that I deserved it and it was the shop girls problem not mine...if I hadnt of just stolen it in the first place of course!

These days I make choices, every second of every day, about how I want to live and be and I know the consequences of my actions, be what they may, come back to me, in whatever form I put them out there. Every choice I make, in every moment, defines who I am, to myself, if not to another.

Those shop girls would not have known that I didnt pay, but I would have. I am the one who has to live with me and I am the one who makes the choices that dfine how I feel about that.

Even the little stuff counts.

Especially the little stuff.


Onto something else now....

Am only working at backpassage this week...that will be good

Ive got heaps of things to do around here

Darlin' has been a very good boy lately

I have been spoilt with flowers and pressies and housework being done while Im at work and other such good stuff

Its nice...

very nice.

Now, how to get a back rub???

hee hee

Im off

Got doors to paint and scrabble to play!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Today I am heading off to be a Hooker at backpassage

till 1

then I am heading off to be a HO at Slimygreenhills

tomorrow and Saturday I am HOing at slimepit too

this is why I have not seen anyone

my life is full of strange places and stranger occupations this minute

my ankles are swollen and my hives are just loving this hot weather

I am itchy and sore and my toenails have paint of the not polish variety stuck on them

someone threw an egg at my car

the night after i finally persuaded (with threats) my lovely son to clean it for me

he found this quite hysterical

as did i but in a differing manner

after i had scrubbed off baked egg yesterday afternoon

and then re scrubbed off baked egg

i was not impressed

but it was far to hot for me to go screaming down the street

not so for the man in the motel across the street

i think the heat must have curdled his good fun button

he was most loud and feral

and saved me the bother


today I am hoping that bushfires are still burning on backpassage road so i do not have to drive there

this is selfish i know

but somebody started them and they could at least be useful!

have a good one people

Tuesday, October 02, 2007



happy now??

There is a story behind my scrabbleousness

my mother was/is a mad scrabble head

and made us play

we hated it

and lost a lot

so I decided to get good

and kick her ass

and I did!


many times

many many times

I have a scrabble board

and my kids wont play with me

and I dont make em

but YOU are a different story altogether my dears

now go play your turns

Monday, October 01, 2007


Playing Completed Won Lost Drawn Best Bingo
-24252320ALaRMING for 89 points.

Bah ha ah ha

Jen beat me twice

I'll get her........

I am having much fun in between killing myself with paint.

What big head?????

Sunday, September 30, 2007


What bloody idiot made me decide to paint the girls bedrooms this week

starting today

cannot move now

got purple feet

and hair

and fingers

stiff muscles

swollen feet (underneath)

paint spray up my nose

in my ears

you get the picture

stoopid woman


Friday, September 28, 2007


How did I get to be playing EIGHTEEN simultaneous games of scrabble??

and how...if I am playing so many, can I still be waiting for people to have their turns??

Darlin thinks I have disappeared into the computer

Lucky I really like scrabble

Somethings got to make me think


CSV coming home for a flying visit tomorrow

This means I get to drive out to Kurri twice and back in a day

She's lucky I am a cool mom

I am exhausted....

as usual

have been hookering and ho-ing all week every day every hour and minute and second and stuff

vitamins and fruit tingles are not doing it for me

just means I pee fluorescently and froth at the mouth a lot

I think I will be in bed at an ungodly early hour tonight

like now seems fair to me

ah poo

Monday, September 24, 2007


am Hookering at backpassage

very important inteference running whilst accountants audit things that are very important also

am worth at least an envelope this week

have just eaten many quarters of little sandwiches with stuff on

too many too many

and three packets of fruit tingles because they are yummy and i am addicted

Kristy is stressing me at scrabble...she's good and blocks everything...grrrr

maryme says she is a champ but i am flogging her breasts orf

Cyndi is lovely and just gives me triple words on plates...lovely I tell you

Life is soooo busy

time is whipping by each day

I'm sure I used to be able to fit much more into a day than I can now

its weird

anyone else noticed this??

My house is clean

Thats weird too

Back to hooking........

Friday, September 21, 2007

gosh snoff groan

I am almost feeling human sometimesinbetween feeling wrung out!!

This is much goodest yes

Am halfway through two paintings and will certainly be finishing them sunday and monday.....

I am a scrabble champion except for one game that jen somehow managed to beat me on

My house is half clean in the visible bits due to workshop tomorrow when 5 ladies are coming to make drums with us.....

Lucky I can pay the $700 farking electricity bill and live to cook another crappy meal and have hot water and stuff


Darlin' has James Rayne blaring in the lounge room so he's in a good mood

Maryme is a toothless hag apparently.....

I have fulfilled my backpassagly duties for the week


not much else I don't think

Life is moving along

as it does

when you let it

or not

me xxxx

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Sometimes in life we do things we instantly regret

but there is no going back and undoing it

Sometimes we do something so shocking that others cannot pretend it wasn't

Sometimes the reason we do these things is that we need desperately to change and by doing this shocking thing we are unintentionally (or so we think at the time) creating the exact thing that will make us HAVE to look at ourselves with honesty and choose to do WHATEVER it takes to climb up from there

Sometimes we use this thing as an excuse to alienate ourselves from anything that will do us any good and we will use shame, anger, illness or whatever we can think of in our desperate scramble to cover up the reality that is ours

And the choice is all ours at that point

Sometimes we don't even see it through our self imposed deceptions

Sometimes we put ourselves at rock bottom to force us to have to climb up out of the pit and live
or stay there and die

Sometimes, if we face the fear head on and walk through it and all over it, we surprise ourselves

And the choice is still ours

And it always was

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

bunch of losers


I will win

I must

I am a scrabble fanatic

as poor maryjen knows

I am stalking her I think

but she will not play her turn quick enough

so now we have 4 games going

she is winning one

ha ha ha



grumble snoff

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, its all done

the pics are off the walls

the pots are packed up

the gallery is empty


I sold 5 paintings out of 11 and got 2 commissions

Darlin' sold 5 pieces too

Excellent for sure

Definately an experience!!

We will do it again....

suckers for punishment yes!

I am feeling better

still tired but better

I went to bed at 7.30 last night for the 3rd time this week!!

My kids think I'm nuts

Apparently I'm supposed to be

I'm an artist!

woo hoo

Here are some pics for those who couldn't make it...

well, blogger wont let me so I'll post em later

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a minute in the day

Have been up and down like a yoyo this week

Its not been wonderful

Am very tired and have zilch energy and want to sleep a lot

Ha ha ha

Karen Bishops energy alerts are the story of my life right now

waiting waiting waiting

oh well

I am painting Gloria's painting finally...its very schmick according to darlin' and I hope to have it finished by the end of the weekend

The exhibition comes down on Sunday...this is good...darlin' and I are over it

We have decided that we havent had much fun lately and need to remedy this pronto

My kids are a worry

I do find myself feeling very guilty at times lately about not being a good parent due to past discrepencies and not knowing how to fix this because I just bloody cant.....forgivness of self I know...they will and have survived I know but I want them to be more than survivors you know....surviving is such farking struggle

I dont know why this font is here but I will go with it

I am also painting Toni's painting ......shhhhh, don't tell her

I am quite pleased with the results of the exhibition even though I will never put myself through such stress again....hah, so she says right now

I don't know, I would like to speak more eloquently and bare my soul a bit but I just don't have the oomph to even think right now

I will get to it

I miss blogging for real

I miss me

Better go find me then....

see ya

Monday, September 10, 2007

tellin' you straight

With the exception of a very guys are even slackerarser bloggers than me!


Sunday, September 09, 2007



what to say

I am so glad that William True decided to come to me on Wednesday night and have a pat and a stare into my eyes. I will miss his funny little face and his sticky out lip. Bugger and damn cars that don't see and then don't stop.....

This is one of the paintings that didn't go into the is about will see it or not

I do believe that a lot of the 'death' that is going on now is just that some came for a reason and that reason is complete and so they go again....pre-chosen and welcome, for them.

Not that that helps those of us left behind much


Friday, September 07, 2007

but what to say?

I am being forced to blog

oh dear

I only have a minute

I am getting ready to go sit in the gallery for 6 straight hours and go mad

oh dear

bugger darlin's who must tafe

bugger exhibitions that must have open doors

bugger bugger bugger

I want to sleep

and stare at walls

my stomach hurts

if you aren't doing anything today drop in and have coffee amongst the artwork with me

go on

you know you wanna!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


too posh to blog???


Well, now you know why I was shitting myself

pooping my proverbial panties....except I am too cool to wear them now apparently

What a night

I am so wilted and stuffed

I certainly wasn't expecting THAT many people

and I sold work!

and got a commission!

I am impressed!

Thank you to all Marys who came and rallied in support!

It made it so much better having friendly faces who love me to see whilst I was flying around like a demented twit saying thankyou and kissing people...(note to self: must master air kiss)

They drank all the grog!

and ate all the beautiful cheese ball and gaucamole

and didnt eat the fruit....stooopids!

I didn't get any!

I had chocolate in bed for dinner and then fell asleep and snored a lot

Next time...more cheese, less fruit

Darlin' sold another piece today...most excellent!

I feel blessed!

Lots of good feedback from people who's feedback I care about..

A handsome man with a really BIG camera and a sexy accent taking photos and looking very professional.....yes you Mr Hoe

I didnt realise I knew so many lovely special people

Did I say I was blessed??

I am

Was it worth it???


Especially now that I will never have to do my first exhibition again!



Thursday, August 30, 2007


ah poo

you know what?

i am sick of this crap!

lets do something else tomorrow night huh?

lets go to the beach and sing and play drums!

lets go to someone elses opening

I was going to say something rude about Jac's opening then but have decided not to as it would not be in good taste and i am not humerous just now, only boring

but i am well hung!

ah well, we shall see if all this crap is worth it tomorrow...

and perhaps i shall never do it again

how sad

i don't even have butterflies anymore

or the energy to hit the caps button

stress is exhausting isn't it

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



2 more sleeps


How did I get into this?

oh dear.......

hanging tonight


ah poooooooooooooooo

Monday, August 27, 2007


Blogger has just found two comments that need to be moderated for me....


go blogger

apparently we would be revived if we changed our blog titles

am pondering this

what to change it to??

More Boring Drivel from the studio???

Daily and yet not??

Be Back Later???

noooo...thats Jens


I know



Too Tired

Okay, enough of that.

Did you know that only ONE person showed for Arty FArty today??

Whats that all about??

Are you all sick of me??

or sick??

Maybe a rethink on artclass is in order

I will give it a couple more weeks though.....

Anyhoo, am very busy taking photos of work and am just recharging
stupid camera for the next bit

Am getting more nervous and yet not as the day grows nearer

Normal I guess


Must go and stare at paintings some more and feel slightly sick

Am thinking of Kristy working today....


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ha ha ha

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming. -- Alan, age 10 No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with. -- Kristen, age 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO GET MARRIED? Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then.-- Camille, age 10-------------------------------------------------------
HOW CAN A STRANGER TELL IF TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED? You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids.-- Derrick, age 8--------------------------------------------------------
WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MOM AND DAD HAVE IN COMMON? Both don't want any more kids.-- Lori, age 8 ----------------------------------------------------
WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON A DATE? Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. -- Lynnette, age 8 (isn't she a treasure)On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date. -- Martin, age 10 ----------------------------------------------------
WHEN IS IT OKAY TO KISS SOMEONE? When they're rich.-- Pam, age 7 The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn't want to mess with that. - - Curt, age 7The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry them and have kids with them. It's the right thing to do. - - Howard, age 8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
IS IT BETTER TO BE SINGLE OR MARRIED? It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them.-- Anita, age 9 (bless you child ) --------------------------------------------------------
HOW WOULD THE WORLD BE DIFFERENT IF PEOPLE DIDN'T GET MARRIED? There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn't there?-- Kelvin, age 8--------------------------------------------------------And the #1 Favorite is........
HOW WOULD YOU MAKE A MARRIAGE WORK? Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a dump truck. -- Ricky, age 10

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

okay okay

I actually am alive...I swear!

A lot....

I am hiding in cave only because I must to do what needs to be done....

In between caving life goes on....I haved ho-ed at backpassage and shopped and cooked and not cleaned as Diana would have seen today

Darlin' has been entertaining other women whilst I have been ho-ing

The exhibition which shall hanceforth be known as 'shit' is looming....

just over a week to go



in my hibernating cave time I have been productive and am almost ready for it

as ready as I shall ever be anyway


There is only so much one artyfarty can do in a month!

and so it is

Am feeling remarkably calm in spite of late nights due to inability to sleep.....although I would have slept last night had the alarm next door not gone off high pitchedly for hours.....

am going for healing tommorrow with someone who is she but not she....excellent

am now the proud owner of a packet of red dots that I will fully expect to be attached to paintings soon.....

and a visitors book


farewell xx

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

and on and on and on and on.....

My life in point form

This week I have

  • painted
  • destroyed paintings
  • not done any housework very much at all
  • Taken darlin's to doctors to get excruciating hip pain sorted out
  • not slept well
  • had rude shocks pertaining to certain father of children suddenly reappearing out of the depths of nowhere where he should still be instead of contacting my son who has no need of his particular form of influence....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • worked
  • will work again
  • driven 65,000 miles and back again
  • butterfly bandaged darlin's finger back onto his hand after he tried his best to remove it with a kiln shelf today...I swear that man is not meant to have a full exhibition worth of pots.....
  • purchased a new vacuum cleaner because mine was full of clay.......and therefore not working at optimum suction levels.....
  • written a media release that says nothing much at all
  • ummmm
  • did I mention not slept well?

Am going to remedy that right now......can somebody tell me when I am making smudge sticks at the cottage?

I seem to have lost my little scrap of paper that was keeping me organised......

oh dear........

Tuesday, August 14, 2007



so elequant!

Sunday, August 12, 2007



Whats with all of you people??

Just because I have been a slackarse blogger doesn't mean you all can be too!

I would tell you about my week but its really just more of the same...

am painting madly yet not sure if I am getting anywhere...

My house is a hovel

My kids are here somewhere...

Darlin' disappeared out into the garage 4 days ago and hasn't been seen since....

I am just a wee bit sick of it all...

Oh well, not too long to go now


What do mean there is still 3 weeks??

Oh poooooooooooooo

Monday, August 06, 2007

painting painting painting

Bug a boos in the 'studio'.....

Grandmother Mountain

Shamans Mask

Not very good pics....

Am a busy mary indeed

Exhausted and sick of paint

Trying not to get a cold that wants to hang around...

Maryjen is brilliant and is making us an invitation to rival anyones......

most excellent

Arty farty's are wonderful as usual

Children are alive and fed and thats all folks

Darlin's are alive and thats a miracle some moments and I'm sure he will say the same of moi!

It is cold...

Did I mention exhaustion?

I dunno what else....


Friday, August 03, 2007


Oh dear

Have just realised I have not pisted for days

It is Friday....

Oh dear

Well, I am alive and kicking...

Am just in the middle of washing towels and vacuuming floors and washing floors and contemplating how long we shall live if I dont clean the toilet today and doing 5 paintings simultaneously with one hand tied behind my back and standing on my head and doing the Hokey Pokey whilst Whistling Dixie (whatever that may be)......

Ahhhhh, such a relaxing life it is....

So, what are you doing??

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Am blogging from backpassage

Have just done the easiest fastest month end ever...I am a good influence!

Am now killing time till lock up/down/whatever

Have discovered solitaire on this computer...oh dear

Hairball son deletes solitaire from the computer at home because I have a reputation for playing endlessly....good meditation it is!

4 weeks till E day.....pooooooooooooo

Will be painting madly this week so dont expect to see me anywhere I dont have to be

Full moon ritual was lovely last night....

Have lost 2 farking kilos in a month.....poooo for sure....Isuppose thats okay...half a kilo a week is recommended yes?

Belly is much less round and protruding at any rate which makes jeans a bit longer and breathing more easier than before when stuffed into said jeans....

Had chocolate biscuit for breakfast yesterday...bloody cottage!

Had lovely workshop with Jac and Karen who rock at making drums for sure

Had very nice salad one day...must have another soon....

Did buy a step machine to work off calories and flabby bits too....most excellent bargain on clearance at Kmart for $40 instead of $99....

Have nothing else to share that I can think of at the moment...oh yes...have had one dozen bottles of sparkling chardy donated for exhibition....too bad I dont drink.....

Any hoo ....more at some point later down the track, along the beatenpathway of my life, some other time than this......xxxxxx

Sunday, July 29, 2007

too tired...

To think

To write

To paint

To care...

To read

To blog

Better go sleep then!

All is well.........xx

Friday, July 27, 2007

Noice day...sort of

Well, its been a good day

Have painted......yay

Have been for coffee with darlin'....something we don't do often enough anymore

I am quite pleased with the paintings I am working on.....I think...this is always a bonus!

Have also been ferrying kids to and fro, done shopping for dinner....sort of, had car window fixed and thought about housework but not done it as the water was cut off for most of the day due to people fixing things in the street....excellent excuse for not doing washing and it came with warning this time instead of waking up to no water as did happen the other day....

Found out a friend has died....this is sad but not as she was 80 something and had a bit of a struggle of a life and I know for a fact that she is now 'living it up' and dancing and drumming her moccasins off out there....

Am not doing market day at the cottage tomorrow as I have too much on my plate painting and going for lunch with a friend who we haven't seen for yonks instead

Ran into Glorious (in Woollies) who is very gracious and accepting of the fact that I am not yet finished her painting....she would, sensibly I think, prefer me to do it when I am 'passionate' about it and as she says 'her walls aren't going anywhere'....

Have been commissioned by Fabbo Toni to do another painting....after Glorious' of course so thats exciting too..or it will be when I get to it

Having drum workshop on sunday at home due to very few (2) people coming...


Thats all for now I think....

Hope you are all having some peace in your hearts!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

hmmm....a post? This is it.....goodnight!

Your Aura is Violet

Idealistic and thoughtful, you have the mind and ideas to change the world.
And you have the charisma of a great leader, even if you don't always use it!

The purpose of your life: saying truths that other people dare not say

Famous purples include: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony

Careers for you to try: Political Activist, Inventor, Life Coach

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

balanced boobies

Your Boobies' Names Are...

Yin and Yang


The things we do.....

Monday, July 23, 2007

a quicky!

Better pics.....


am doing homework

don't think i will be finished by tommorrow night though

am trying but can't think so


I have a very sore back
this is darlin's fault for not tickling it!
Arty farty's are naughty ladies and make me laugh....
Maryjen will be missed and should definately leave her job before she starts and bugger money!
yes indeedy
Children should be banned form home between the ages of 12 and 22 for sure and hopefully by then they will be too old to come back anyway....
Maccas costs a fortune and makes you fat.....and really heavy and full of poo...literally
I know this because every so often I forget and must remind myself by eating it....tonihgt was one of these times.....poo not
Backpassage beckons tommorrow....
as does coffee at Sunnies
no wonder I can't get anything done!
chicky babe????
really jac....
Your Power Color Is Teal
At Your Highest:
You feel accomplished and optimistic about the future.
At Your Lowest:
You feel in a slump and lack creativity.
In Love:
You tend to be many people's ideal partner.
How You're Attractive:
You make people feel confident and accepted.
Your Eternal Question:
"What Impression Am I Giving?"

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Stoopid paintings I am trying to do......

Stoopid bloody camera, stoopid bloody paintings........whinge bitch groan

I am a star

Oh poo....not grouse at all
was trying to do the tarot card thing on lisa's blog
I am 'the star'
however in trying to post it to my blog I ended up with some strange satanical vomit that made me shiver
so....not to be put off I went back and did it again
and somehow only got one line of the html
I give up and satanic vomit can go back to the universe to be turned into something nice please
goodness me
not grouse at all Im afraid

Saturday, July 21, 2007

ho bloody farking hum

Ahhhh poooooo

Darlin's firing was a disaster

shit bum fark indeed

6 weeks to go.....

oh dear


we work well under pressure!


Have been out to backpassage AGAIN today.....bloody sister is going home tomorrow so good...

well....only in so far as that it will mean less trips to the poo place is all

I am trying to get in painting mode......thats why Im blogging of course

Harry Potter was purchased at 9.01 this morning for child who is suitably grateful....lots of people die apparently.....shhhhhh

My hole is filledfull if not fulfilled....

Only two giant needles were required and I was suitably numb for much drilling and digging around nervey bits.....

was very numb and couldn't swallow for several hours after but am fine now and hole-less too so all is good

thrilling yes?

I hear you yawn

my life is really boring for someone who is sooooo bloody busy isn't it...

I just don't see the point of leading you through the dull minutae of centres, car trips, shopping centres, car trips, shopping etc etc


oh....and washing and cleaning and washing and cleaning too....most riveting any good books lately?

fare well

Thursday, July 19, 2007

but wait....theres more

Am at backpassage

am bored titless

mother has gone out with sister

I am alone with no filing or banking or anything to do

the phones are quiet

and so here I am


as you do!

I nearly missed my dentist appointment this morning....thought it was at 10.40 when it was really at 9.40...oh dear...rang them at 9.36 to verify this misconcepyion and just lucky they had a cancellation huh!! Oh yes indeed I zipped in and must go back tommorrow to have my hole filled.....hmmmmm.....its a rather large hole and I anticipate needles and pain...POOOO

What else??

I seem to have been running for days and am not liking being stuck in this office doing zilch when I have so much to do...didnt think to bring my homework....poo again

I have found that I can indeed remember how to drive a manual much gooder...I actually feel safer in this car with its 'grunt'...its always good to know your car will do what you need it to when you need it to...something I was never quite positive of in my marycar for sure.....and a manual is a must for a control freak as I tend to be at times!

So, I am happy with my wheels....need suggestions for names though...angel isnt doing it for me Im afraid...more like Bruno or something, maybe Rocky or Rambo or some such mucho thing as he is a boy for sure.....

Darlin' is up at Nelson Bay glazing pots and preparing for his firing....its a big deal as this stuff is for the exhibition and he hasnt fired this kiln before so fingers crossed everyone that it all goes well!

I am a slackarse YAADer this first month...its been difficult to get it all together...I shall persevere even if I have to repeat!

I had to miss fluffy bunny night again, two years running...poo....all Tahni's fault!

Some week very soon I am going on strike and doing nothing for noone except starting to get me down, this constant rush around. Need to park and sit for a wee while...

Better go find some thing to read.....xxxxx

gawd ahmighty

I am here for a second then I must go
very important and busy and busy and effing busy okay
as usual it seems
got dentist appointment shortly
got a registered, insured and schmick new unnamed rocket car parked outside
got a sister who has been visited
got a backpassage unpaid employment to go to
got 12 paintings to do in 6 weeks
AND to finish Glorious'sssss too
thats about it
got stockings/tights/pantyhose on back to front with granny undies and am too cold to change round so must have strangled arse all day
on that note I shall leave you to ponder apon the profound truth of my 411th post
so slack
see ya

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

early I am

Getting up at 5.30 am is not so bad....

Not when you went to bed at 6.40 pm.....

Yes, I did

and slept all the way through

Most excellent

Am still waiting for wheels that are getting new brakes

Must go to backpassage for important conference

Have to take darlin's car!

He is a bit wobbly about this me driving his car business

but is better than him driving me in is car, yes?

Most definately

I am aware of my slack blogging lately

I will get to it .......

when I have time and am not still half asleep

Don't hold your breath okay......

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Got wings again


Got hair with life in it


AN70GO is my new number plate

ANchell TO GO....

get it

ha ha

Its a white Hyundai Excel '97, 3 door coupe with bloody blue and purple bits on the side and though it looks like a girl it feels like a boy.....shrug

(oh well....angel colours)

and it's a manual.........'is got out backpassage road....gulp

Now I just have to remember how to drive a manual.....

Considering I'd only ever driven a manual til I got Marypoordeadcar it shouldn't be too much of a problem

Darlin' is very relieved that I wont be needing to drive his Molly anymore...oh yes indeed

Don't know why...I'm a much better driver than him....ouch...hee ha ha ha

My haircut?

Well, its a haircut

A bit shorter....only got about 2 inches chopped off, nothing drastic, but did get some layers and the weight that came off with that has made it spring up a bit shorter still......hence, body......excellent....and no dead bits....hence, shine......yay....feels like real hair again instead of Barbies.....most goodest

So, hair is okay....haggard face is not....must sleep

Am over chocolate cravings which is excellent

Have got mega multi vitamin which is also excellent

Have got period which I wasn't expecting...where did this month go?

All in all

All is well