Sunday, March 30, 2008


Thank fark for Marys who turn up for coffee and make my headache go away

and then get all philosophical (?) and bring it back again

love you guys....



what is my scapegoat ???

Im serious

It used to be detachment, big time, how do I detach from this hmmm?

maybe Im just fronting up.....interesting





Saturday, March 29, 2008

in a nutshell

  • been a big week
  • mum has been told she is dying and that chemo is about quality and quantity of time left, not cure
  • I knew that but she didnt hear it the first time said, she heard this time, she is coping quite well considering, actually, it has pulled her out of her fug, other family members who also didnt hear it the first time are now enlightenend to what I have been dealing with for weeks now. Bloody!
  • I finally received my piece of paper which enables me to legally work in the office and sign things and such, this removes some strain
  • we have an appointment with the chemo doctor on wednesday which will be enlightening for certain
  • My other half has gone missing in action and was last seen scrubbing walls and eating cheese sandwiches at Mayfield where he probably still is judging by the state of the walls there
  • I am lonely and yet not
  • life goes on allbeit a bit strangely
  • the dog is lonely and must go for walks that i cannot take her on, bad darlin'
  • said dog and cat are waking me up all night scratching carpet and growling at each other and adjusting to new life in new house
  • kids are good and coping well so far, they are troopers who spend a lot of time on buses and dont scratch carpet or growl!
  • I am coming to town tommorrow and will be at the euro at 11 imbibing caffiene for anyone who wishes to join me...I shall be asleep under the table attached to a drip with coffee in it wearing very red lippy to please waiters who tell me what to do
  • grrrrrr

Are we there yet???

Friday, March 28, 2008



nothing interesting

except that I am now a legalised super real estate typ person who has also sold a house this week


I never wanted a full time job career type thing

now I know why

yawn yawn

you have to do it EVERY day you know

bugger this

wheres my paint??

oh thats right

its in a hundred boxes in my REALLY BIG cupboard


I am also perhaps commissioned for two very big paintings

oh dear

that would require time

oh dear oh well oh dear

I hate typing on laptops

but i like typing on them on my kitchen table

which is brand new and spankingly nice

as you will see

if you come to lunch next sunday



Im sorry about the lack of interesting

I will get to it Im sure


Jen is a hypocrite too


BTW has anyone sen Darlin?? I sure as shit havent!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

wish i knew but i dont......

feeling a bit blah today

but there is no point to that

so i shall get dressed and go and open the office

because i am very important you know

I am a BIGKNOB in hookers

a very big knob

oh poo

and i will post something interesting tonight

i hope


Monday, March 24, 2008

be there

Sunday the 6th of April.

My place


you are invited

bring a plate with food on it


cheap flights available...

Sunday, March 23, 2008


he he...........

so does mine!


What about Sunday???


Friday, March 21, 2008


Was going to invite you all over next Saturday

but some poo cant come, so

I will get back to you on this okay!

Might have to be the one after.....can we do this???

Plenty of frikken warning Me!


I am good

tired but good

and darlin is good too

when he's not naughty

I am never naughty of course

but only because I dont have time

I wll get to naughty

you just watch me!!!

I will blog a real one soon I promise............xxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


You know what?

Its Wednesday

Today has been hell

as was yesterday

not enough hours

I have been into town twice

centrelink are assholes

3 farking times i have had to provide the same information!!!!!



I would have come to reiki

but i couldnt drive in there AGAIN

so I am home


no kids

no darlin

just me and the animals

Its reeeaaalllyyy quiet here

and I cant hear a bus anywhere


I get 3 and a half days off!

how gooder is that....

Im off to put something somewhere

I seem to be doing that a lot lately



oh yes

my mother has been experiencing strange things

she is waking up at 12 ish every night and really getting shitty with the 'other her' that is standing there with a sore leg!

She thought it was medication but its still happening without any...

She thought I would think that was really strange....

hah, she knows me not

little does she know there are 11 more of her out there.........


Interesting isnt it maryme...xxxx

Monday, March 17, 2008


I have not been able to get near the computer for 2 days due to various offspring needing to do assignments and/or have a quasi social life etc etc etc.....

I am TRYING to get organised here

That is a funny joke is it not!!

Some day very soon I will be extending an open invitation to all and sundry to book cheap flights and come see me and new abode. We have water here and stuff and its really quite nice actually...

Did you know I have not dusted a godammed thing since I arrived and its actually got no dust on it!

If I were a fanatical housewife I would be excited about this really

As it is I can sigh and say thank fark........

I like my new house

It feels like home


Must go unpack something


Thursday, March 13, 2008



12 noon

Eurobar, Hamilton

I will be there


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is what I get to look at every morning from my kitchen window

sure beats the back end of a bus.....

I am alive

being swallowed by the office already

Am hoping to get in to town for coffee on Friday

which is my BIRTHDAY I might add


Will post more later


Sunday, March 09, 2008





am blogging on kaylas laptop as my comp is still in its box

Thankyou Renata and are stars!

My driveway is a mountain slope and I will have to live here forever as I am NEVER moving again

and darlin is wrecked

he will never be the same again Im afraid

did i say groan???


Friday, March 07, 2008

put it off

never do today what you can put off till tomorrow

who said that?


oh dear

the 'last minute' has arrived




see you next month sometime probably

I might be finished moving by then



Tuesday, March 04, 2008

never trust a plan....ever


I am upside down again

this has been an excrutiating day!

Old guys want to charge $2000 freaking big ones to move!

Im only going 50 km away not the bloody moon.....



we are doing it ourselves

with a lot of help


virgins will come sunday...thank fark for virgins who do house calls...

....and handsome men who happen to have licenses to drive big trucks and also have sexy voices and wear whatever you want them to....Im thinking fishnets baby and .............groaaaannnnn

I have melted down today

and feel better for it, if not just a touch more exhausted

but you know what

I can do anything

with a bit of help from my peeps!

Well.....and a LOT of help from my poor exhausted Dobby darlin'

grrrr grumble WHINGING BITCH MOAN sob


  • ring truck to confirm Monday and all phones are cut off...truck is not happening
  • find out that i have 2 days instead of a week to move and clean house!
  • am trying to get new truck to move Friday instead, have spoken to a lovely 82 yr old fellow who assures me I will get good value from him and am having a quote this morning, gulp I hope they arent all 82!
  • Have a half packed house and no phone or electricity organised and a huge headache
  • have son who had a weeks work and has now rolled ankle and is hobbling and spitting chippies everywhere
  • have Catholic Virgin Squad from Sydney winging up from Sydney to clean house on Saturday though so things arent all that frikken bad now are they! Now I just have to clean worst messes before they come and see them!
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh poooooooooooooooo