Tuesday, October 31, 2006

hail mary.....

Oh my goodness!

What an exciting little episode that turned out to be.....

here I am, diligently washing my little mary car, knowing full well
(the thunder was a hint!)
that it was going to rain soon......

little did I know......

HUGE and horrible and hideous and horrendous GIANT ENORMOUS tennis balls of ice suddenly began hurtling down from the clouds and bashing my mary in the head and giving her cellulite and she was crying and I...........brave soul and under tremendous strain had to make a split decision to avoid catastrophe and as I was sitting in mary, in the drivers seat, with the keys in one hand and windex in the other I did throw windex down and DRIVE my mary 10 feet down the footpath and into the auto electricians next door who had kindly left his big door open in preperation for closing.......and there I stayed while the heavens did empty and the hail was crashing and smashing all of the other cars to pieces......I am a HERO and I SAVED mary from much dimples in her bottom and she only got one in her side which is cute and I will paint a mole underneath it tomorrow!....phew.
She is also very clean now and booftul and bird poo eyeshadow has gone....

goodness me

I need a Goji........

oh my gosh

A bird has pooed on mary!!!
I am shocked and amazed at the audacity of it....
I have just been and purchased a little canon type thing that I will attatch to her front and when a bird flies over it will be SHOT IN THE ASS immediatly, that should fix em right up!
This tragedy did necessitate me putting down heavy pen in the middle of writing boring review and going to kmart to purchase a bottle of poogetteroffer and a large and fluffy wash mit
.....(that I could possibly wear to next fluffy bunny night, bargain)....
and a steering wheel cover and some floor mats and as it looks like rain, I will have to wash her!
You can possibly see why, Elizabeth, that it is easy for me to spend $30 on a 50c pencil now?
Well, there was 30% off car stuff so that was good and I didnt buy lots of things that I wanted to......that betty boop seat belt cover and the fluffy dice were resisted...
Anyway, I need to wash her before it rains!!!

ps- kayla is da coolest!!LOL!!!1OMFG!!111111IMO, she said so....see...GET OUT OF MY BLOG CHILD!!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

oh to be shot at dawn

Oh gawd.....what a day its been. You know the sort, everybody wants a piece of you and there's just not enough bits to go round, everything you try to do doesn't happen...that type thing......boo hoo.

I did have a lovely relaxing coffee and catch up with my lovely friend Nat and her bubba this morning.

That was the highlight of an otherwise plurgh type day.

  • Went to Eckersleys to buy a pencil and spent $30......as usual
  • went to RTA to transfer mary to me and waited in line with all appropriate, so I thunk, bits of info only to be told bill of sale was wrong and I have to go back with proper one.
  • was told that license becomes renewable on Jan 9 not 7 as I thunk......leaves me 4 days to get L's and remember how to drive, go for and PASS driving test before I have to leave on camping holiday from hell to which I must DRIVE......plurgal
  • ok, so far not too bad......went to Marketown to do groceries on the way home where peace and quiet awaited only to discover BiLo is morphing into Coles and therefore NOT OPEN.....
  • ok, thunk I, will go home to peaceful quiet house and rest for while then go to Kotara and shop.....toddle, toddle off to catch bus home.....
  • get home to find peaceful house FULL OF SCREAMING BRATS!!!!! that belong to other people who wanted to waste their day away and did it at my table and didnt stop talking and kids didnt stop screaming and my head wouldnt work and all my thoughts flew away before they reached my mouth and I just couldn't breathe anymore....gasp.....
  • so I ran out of the door and took refuge in a large and horrible shopping centre and did buy food and then came home and
  • they were still here.....
  • hmmmmmm
  • I am not a nice mary
  • I like my children, they are quiet and not 3 and 5 years old and can BE TOLD.....
  • in fact, they are SCHMICK!!!!!! (nearly forgot)

Are we there yet?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Those who scoff at mary's....

Today at the cottage there was a workshop.
Some people did come.
There were many mary's and some TWSAM's (those who scoff....).
These TWSAM"s of course, only scoff because they too want to be mary's but
.....this could change.....

There were times (limited) in the day when not a sound was heard.

The silence was deafening as the super concentrative mary's and scoffers were busily

......no, not eating all the luverly bikkies

....but painting their little hearts out.

At other times of course the sound of laughter and loud appreciative of chocolate and good yummy stuff groans were heard throughout the street and most probably woke up a poor sick mary next door.

A good and productive day was had by all and masterpieces were created, all of which I forgot to take a photo of, of course, because that is always the way!

They must have had a good day because they want to come back and do it every month. So, we shall see the boss mary and assess this situation pronto....

I am happy and just a bit ragged around the edges...

We did have quite a time getting mary jen and mary diana out the door though as they did need another entire month to finish their artworks.

In fact, last I saw, I left mary jen sitting on the front steps with plate of paint in one hand, paint brush between her teeth and painting furiously and gabbling something that sounded like "can't feed kids tonight, must stay and paint"

.......I expect she will still be there on Wednesday night if you want to see..........

It was a goodest and funner day.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

This is good

This site is very interesting. More on ascension and on kundalini etc.
Worth a look for sure


mary update

This is mary...oh sorry. We have already done that have'nt we

I have now put mary out the back.

This is so that I cannot see her from the bus stop when I have car keys in my bag and the bus is running very late or very early and I have missed it!

Also so that drunken bums walking up street on saturday night dont decide to have much fun mutilating my mary and breaking off her eyebrows and things.

And so that all of the dust in the world does not end up on her and choke her to death and she will not start when I CAN drive her and will only cough and splutter and groan a bit.

These are good reasons.....

...and will stop me from SUCCUMBING to tantilisingly close little blue car that belongs to me and no one can tell me not to drive but I am not anyway because I am RESPONSIBLE and live in INTEGRITY and do not break the LAW of the land even if it is a stupid law and policemen suck.....

I am a good mary and I am good....got it!?


Everybody send love and light and healing to our mothermary today.

She is a very sick chick and detoxing severely.

I will certainly not be detoxing until I have time to be very sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 4 weeks from now maybe, or maybe after xmas.......

Layby-ed $400000 worth of camping equipment today....plurgh

Anyone who has a very large esky they want to get rid of, let me know. I don't want to have to buy a new one if I can help it. Or even at all.......

We are going camping in January.......hmmmmm........3 teenagers, 2 small cars, 2 weeks away from computer and TV........hmmmmmm

Could be a nightmare

Oh well....I'll try anything once

Have been busily putting together my workshop for tomorrow.....this is very time consuming considering that there is not all that much written material and it is mostly paint and paper.

So glad I continue to leave everything until the last minute......it just works soooo well for me

No one is blogging much.....they must be busy too...or sick.....

The dregs of the Goji bottle are stronger than the beginnings.....I wonder how you can get the dregs out first.....

The cat is very skinny with a bald belly and not eating much.....no rug surfing this week

I better go, I am rambling......

ta ta

Friday, October 27, 2006

New message from Dr Meg


note to self

  • Never buy crappy biscuits from servo next door to serve up to poor rylahs who are used to much better maryfare at Rose Cottage!!!! They will surely be all cracked and crummy and at least a hundred years old and cost you 5 bucks!

  • Cats who get their bits cut out don't like you very much afterwards and try to live in small boxes and never come out for at least 36 hours and then they come out and stalk flies so you know they are okay.

  • However, then you don't know where the flies are coming from and search and search and find ripped and clawed window screen with holes in and take cats back to vets to have claws ripped out by roots and .......

  • Children will eventually eat that can of spagetti thats been in the cupboard for 10 years if you dont buy any food for a few days because you are too busy

  • If you go to art school and tell them you have finished your dusty sculpture which is a LIE then they will know this and ask to see it and also give you very long steel rods to cut up with a pair of nail scissors and then make you weld it into a human shape with a bic lighter and a packet of chewy!

  • Therefore you will get resentful and make a poor depressed angel type being with droopy wings that is very long and skinny and quite strange...

  • Its a fact

  • Trust me........

  • I know these things!


  • washing your hair is a great way to remove ink from under fingernails. A real time saver but not recommended for public places
  • typing with wet nails is not particularily a time saver
  • neither is cleaning the toilet with the cat
  • cooking a vege burger in a pan full of dead cow defeats the purpose entirely
  • water is very good for you but sometimes more expensive than coffee
  • coffee is not a luxury
  • inviting someone for coffee when there are no biscuits in the house is rude (sorry jac)
  • marys are wonderful but need to be driven and therefore frustrating when you can see them from the bus stop
  • $700 electricity bills blow budgets out the door
  • children do not want working lights for xmas presents....I know, I asked em
  • fridges are very like toilets in that they do not ever clean themselves out of anything but junk food
  • hairy things in the fridge are not a good look
  • especially if they are green
  • when you are a STAFF and a customer jumps out from behind a rack of calenders and yells at you, you can be pretty sure it is a mary
  • and when a red headed customer you have never before seen in your life approaches you and asks where the 'Hairy Arse Crack' calenders are kept you can be damned sure it is a mary!
  • art students find it hard to clean up just so they can make more mess
  • if you go to charlestown square you are certain to bump into a mary somewhere....it is a proven fact
  • ....sometimes lots of marys, who werent even real people until yesterday and now they have faces
  • so wear your best frock and lippy in case you get caught out by marys
  • I like being a mary
  • I bet darlin' wishes he was a mary sometimes
  • fluff behind bathroom doors is just a part of life....... I only notice it when it turns into a doona
  • Bushells drinkers are FAKE coffee drinkers and don't deserve a headache if they stop
  • workshops are nerve wracking
  • assessments at art schools should be accumilative and not all in one week
  • sometimes life is a pain in the hairy arse crack but it is still GOOD
  • I am still the best marySTAFF and noone can change my mind...I am a calender COP and quite willing to punch out Michael Hill ladies on loud speakers that don't shut up all day long and drive maryBOSS insane and make her dribble sometimes

Thursday, October 26, 2006

take a look

Please take a look at these wonderful, hand made gifts.
Made with love the highest vibration by our own Mary-Kathleen.
A Unique & Beautiful gift.................


They are gorgeous and beautifully made.

hee hee

I know this is Jaquis domain usually but Im tired and there it was in my inbox and it is quite funny.
I have been on my feet all day and running for most of it, some of it around racks of calenders too.
Tonight Mary Renata met Mary Jen and we both met Mary Blogmuggle and the luverly Eloise.....it was quite a mary fest at Charlestown Square......I will fill you in tommorrow cause I MUST take my feet off and go to sleep.


Accident Reports- Real reports on insurance claims...
Accident insurance claim forms ask for a brief statement about how the accident happened. The combination of the finger pointing instinct and the small spaces provided on the forms can lead to some curiously phrased explanations.

Car Accidents:

"A pedestrian hit me and went under my car."

"The other car collided with mine without giving warning of its intention."

"I had been learning to drive with power steering. I turned the wheel to what I thought was
enough and found myself in a different direction going the opposite way."

"Coming home, I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I don't have."

"I thought my window was down; but found it was up when I put my hand through it."

"No one was to blame for the accident, but it never would have happened if the other driver had been alert."

"The pedestrian had no idea which direction to go, so I ran over him."

"I saw the slow-moving, sad-faced old gentleman as he bounced off the hood of my car."

"I had been driving for 40 years when I fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident."

"I was taking my canary to the hospital. It got loose in the car and flew out the window. The next thing I saw was his rear end, and there was a crash."

"I was backing my car out of the driveway in the usual manner when it was struck by the other car in the same place where it had been struck several times before."

"The indirect cause of this accident was a little guy in a small car with a big mouth."

"The accident happened when the right door of a car came around the corner without giving a signal."

"I was thrown from my car as it left the road. I was later found in a ditch by some stray cows."

"I had been shopping for plants all day and was on my way home. As I reached an intersection, a hedge sprung up, obscuring my vision."

"I was on the way to the doctor with rear end trouble when my universal joint gave way causing me to have an accident."

"I was sure the old fellow would never make it to the other side of the road when I struck him."
"I told the police that I was not injured, but on removing my hat, I found that I had a fractured skull."

"My wench slipped, losing my balance, and I hurt my back."

"I was unable to stop in time, and my car crashed into the other vehicle. The driver and passengers then left immediately for a vacation with injuries."

"To avoid hitting the bumper of the car in front, I struck the pedestrian."

"The accident occurred when I was attempting to bring my car out of a skid by steering it into the other vehicle."

"When I could not avoid a collision, I stepped on the gas and crashed into the other car."

"I collided with a stationary truck coming the other way."

"In my attempt to kill a fly, I drove into a telephone pole."

"My car was legally parked as it backed into the other vehicle."

"As I approached the intersection, a stop sign suddenly appeared in a place where no stop sign had ever appeared before. I was unable to stop in time to avoid the accident."

"The telephone pole was approaching fast. I was attempting to swerve out of its path when it struck my front end."

"A truck backed though my windshield and into my wife's face."

"I pulled away from the side of the road, glanced at my mother-in-law, and headed over the embankment."

"The guy was all over the road. I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him."

"An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my vehicle, and vanished."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

post cottage blogdrum.....

I would like to tell you about my day.

But Im too tired......

bugger it....I will anyway

it was long

and full

and I was present in it....

Photography this morning

photoshop plurgh

portraiture (?) this afternoon

I was too good

very hot was I

came home

hit floor running

cooked dinner

read blogs of others

ran out door to go to cottage

got there

had lovely fun making collage artsy stuff

played with glue and scissors......

delivered commissioned artwork......

and donation for girls night


saw nearly all the marys


ate chocolate and camembert.


had hair bonking by William


this was after he couldn't get anywhere with Ruby's ear!

Lilith would have loved a Will bonk this morning

but not tonight

she has a headache

and a sore tum

and no more SEX DRIVE!!!


I drove mary round the block

dont tell anyone.....

she is a good car and goes fast and stops

I am stuffed

tomorrow I am student and STAFF

need sleep

feet hurt

eyes are crossed

its been a good day



Tuesday, October 24, 2006

another day....I have a car!

I will not say one word about MY NEW CAR.



Conversation from the kitchen....." I did it last night"

"NO, you didn't I did"

"You're a stupid liar"

"NO, you are....."




Life is back to normal.

School tommorrow.

Finished exhibition press release and invite that was due 2 weeks ago!

Too good...

Finished and signed commissioned artwork number one....


Wrote up and sorted out half of workshop for Sunday

much good

Made appointment for cat desexing tomorrow,

yes, she's at it again


Put dragonfly stain glass decal on the window of that which I shall not mention......

Didn't clean anything

Did dye awful grey hair so am beautiful now and smell of strong chemical...yumm


Thats about it really.

Back to normal

An interesting and insightful read...

Take a look. This is very well done I think and covers lots.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Mary Wendilikanotabus

The front of mary who is parked in front of my house

The back of mary who is parked in front of my house


I am a lucky lucky woman.
Its darlin's birthday and HE bought ME a car....
well, half a car, I get to buy the rest.
...am I not the most luckiest?
A good day has been had...
lunch has been gone out for
caffiene has been drank
presents have been given and recieved
love has been evident
I have a car
I have a car
I have a car
An INSURED car now.
I am very tired after all this excitement.
I baked an orange cake and it is PERFECT
I am cooking seafood marinara for darlin's dinner
We are listening to loverly flute CD what darlin' got
He is reading books about reaku kiln firing and glazes that he did get
and I have a new car
All is VERY well


....scuse me, scuse me, SCUSE ME!!!!!
Have I got your attention now?
Guess what!
There is a MaryWendilikanotabus sitting outside my front door........
SSSHHHH, don't tell anybody!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am a bastard


You should come blog????
I am a very BAD friend


Where the heck is everyone????

Am I the only blogger left???

Oh my goodness, perhaps my blog buddies were just a

lovely dream and now I have woken

up and it wasn't real????

Maybe I am asleep right now and

having a scary nightmare......

Im sooo addicted to this............hmmmmmmmmmmm
Its Darlin's birthday tomorrow and I dont know how to make carrot cake!
Anyone got a good EASY recipe?
Bearing in mind that cooking is not my forte .......
although I do decorate a mean cake!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

conversations with dodda's

My big baby rang me tonight and she is very very tired and exhausted and worn out and completely hysterical and its all good....the thesis is written and handed in and that is that bit done.

All 64 pages of it......and Im whinging about a 1500 word essay...............hmmmmm.

Had a very hysterical conversation about mary cars and being a calender girl ( that did conjure up some rather hilarious images) and fluffy bums. Tahni the CSV tells me that her self has gotten a bit wider due to stress and has short pants too. She was very relieved to hear the fluffy bum theory and liked it a lot. In her acknowledgements on her thesis she did thank her supervisors, her family and Donut King for getting her through it all....

She is a good dodda.....

Other dodda, the blonde, says that you cannot possibly call a car mary and insists on Wendilika.
She is a strange child.....
Mary Wendilikanotabus.....it has a certain appeal.

I may not have mentioned that my children are all as mad as I am......except shelli baby who is mad in her own right, thankyouverymuch

Darlin' likes having his shed on the blog....gives him delusions of fame!

CSV told me she would buy me a rosary to hang in mary wendilikanotabus....I said she could if she removed the cross and added a feather or two, it will go nicely with maryjens doily methinks. I am serious maryjen......

I told her to get me a mary with a nodding head to put on the back thingo at which point she choked to death laughing and had to go to bed to get over it all...................

I have a sneaking suspicion that that is where I should be too and so I shall now retire....

goodnite all

if you can't beat 'em............

This is where darlin' lives
This is mary's cousin again who, did I mention, looks like mary
except mary has much nicer wheels and is turquoise.......

This is Bear boy....
a very stupid dog who wants to come in......NO

This is Lilith...

a very naughty cat

And this is Cassa who is a bitch....

and very very smart
That will do for now...
I will not do my tarot deck!

Mary is the winner!!!

Im afraid you are all too late now.
Mary has won the competition....
and I am very cranky that I didnt think of it first!!
I will blame this on everyone else as I am not at fault okay...
feel free to come up with suggestions for a middle name though!!

I was 8 minutes late today and should have been slapped around a bit by mary BOSS for sure.
It was Mary's fault of course as I was going for a little test drive with my chauffer darlin' and leaving deposits on mary's and stuff and missed my bus therefore had to be chauffered some more and run screaming through car parks knocking little wrinkled up old people with hairy arse cracks flying all over the place.....still I am a BAD STAFF and will arrive early next time for sure..

Mary boss is faded a little and has black eyes and sore feet. She is a SUPERHERO....she also has interesting dreams and that is her blog so I wont say anymore.

I am cold and have no heater.

I am tired and need some more sleep.

I am happy about small mary cars but wont believe in hem entirely until they are parked outside front door...............

enter here

Due to it being pointed out that "notabus" is not a girly name I have decided to run a competition here for the best little blue car name.
So far we have Cyndi Noyabus......
The prize for the best name will be..........................well, nothing really.
Come on....suggestions please

Friday, October 20, 2006

ah ha....!

I have thought of a name for my beaut little spiffy car that I will get when I pay for it......its name, sorry, HER name shall be "notabus"!!!!

Da da....isn't it great.

Much better than my last car which was affectionatly known as "Horse" and sometimes as "you bloody stupid bastard car".

Or the one before that who was "kidkart"......

Notabus shall be greatly and much loved and wanted and I shall wash her lovingly at least once a year and feed her hugely expensive petrol whenever she wants it.

It is very important that notabuses be demand fed as they do tend to stop working when one doesn't infuse them with nourishment when empty.

I learned this from "Horse" which is why he was sometimes known as "you bloody stupid bastard".......

Of course, for the first two months of her life with me this will not be an issue as I wont be driving her because I no longer do such illegal things do I.......


things to do

  • make a list of things to do in order in which they need to be done....how anal!
  • xmas shopping...........................................plurgh........no, wont do that
  • buy a car...........................YAY
  • pay for it........................................................frown
  • 20,000 landscape sketches and 2 finished drawings for last term
  • 14,000,000 portraits for this term
  • finish dust eating sculpture
  • eat chocolate
  • develope and print 40 rolls of film taken of cranky senile geriatrics
  • write 6 reviews and one essay
  • finish screenprint flop and do another one
  • drink copious amounts of water
  • breathe deeply...................but not when sculpting
  • paintings that have been commissioned......................am working on it as we speak.............in between blogging and school and shopping for nourishmnet, breathing and imbibing vast aquatic cocktails that sometimes contain large amounts of caffiene
  • feed the children regularily......will slot it in somewhere
  • clean up feral pigsty house
  • go and be STAFF for mary BOSS tommorrow and surf the crowds for lifting shoppers wearing barramundi t-shirts and buying records of exploited young women with very large breasts
  • sleep
  • breathe deeply whilst chain smoking and chugalugging H2O laced with caffiene
  • walking......................its very good for fluffy bums like mine apparently

Now, for next week...............................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, October 19, 2006

in good form

Well, I was going to steal mary's entire blog and put it on here but I have decided that I quite like mine so I will keep it.

I am feeling a bit rude and cheeky today. Lucky I haven't been out....I get myself in quite enough trouble being sad and grumpy.

Yep, I wagged school.


Thats ok, I will have to work VERY hard next week.

I have been painting....what is the point of going to art school if it isn't leaving you any time to paint?

I have also made a decision to buy the little blue car that I have been eyeing off for the past two weeks.....a little mazda 121, dark turquoise, with my name on it......YAY.

Shame I have to wait for 2 months to drive it!

I will sit in it every day and make vroom vroom noises of course.

And leave the keys with my darlin' so I can't succumb to temptation......temptation often succumbs me as anyone who watches me scarf chocolate at the cottage will know.

My ex husband rang me this afternoon to ask me if I was pregnant!!!!!! Sacre Bleu (or however one spells it)......I am reeling from the very thought....................seems he had a strange dream last night in which I was preggers.....


I did remind him of the fact that I had my tubes clamped when Shelli was a baby due to the fact that I KEPT ON falling pregnant again and again and again and again. And 4 agains was quite enough. Must have been a vivid dream........I would prefer mary Rylah's though.

I did then have a little day dream regarding a beautiful little baby darlin' in which I was in terrible laboric (it IS a word now) agony for 4 days because the drum was trying to get out face first.......

I do crack me up!

Everyone has to go and tell mary jen they want to be her blogfriend cause she is too polite....

Everyone has to consider giving their loved ones a beautiful hand made drum for christmas.........

except mary who already is!
I will have coffee with her anytime......

Everyone should give themselves a special treat tommorrow just because....

I was very relieved last night to learn that my bum is NOT fat but only fluffy and that I can fix this if I drink lots and lots of water!

...and exercise and stop succumbing all the time....

I do like to succumb though.



Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stuffed again

Gawd, I am absolutley knackered.
One half day at school doing very bad portrait drawings has left me exhausted.
This is really quite strange.
Something must not be right for it to affect me in this way evry time Im there?
I don't know.....I just want to get this year over and done with and passed, of course.
Then I will consider my options.....its supposed to be fun.
Maybe it really is my attitude creating a hard time for myself?

Im off to the cottage soon to see some mary's and eat some good stuff......

Here is another message to read by Celia Fenn


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I am officially a STAFF now that I have slogged for 3 whole hours at CC Charlestown Square today.
I did leave the house looking very swish with too short black pants and lovely $90 blouse with stripey socks and Colorados.......swish, swish goes the freshly washed big hair.....
I did get on bus in pouring rain and slightly soggy.......squelch, squelch.....and big hair did go a little frizzy but all in all not too bad.
Arrived at Charlestown Square with plenty of time to shop for one white shirt and black pants.....too easy
Tried on 40 white shirts and they all sucked. Why do all t-shirts have to be skin tight and see through and made for anorexic size 2's? Why put extra large on anything that is really a size 8?? Is it to keep 'larger than lollypop sticks' people out of the shops and at home eating tim tams??
Finally found a good STAFF shirt that fit and only cost $16........so I wore it even though it did look like I had just dragged it out of under shelli baby's bed and forgot to iron it.....wait a minute, anything that comes out of that room is NOT WHITE.....okay, so it was a tad creased but very clean and brightly white. Good STAFF shirt....shame about the frizzled head.
Was out of time by then so had to front up in too short pants and flashing B & W stripey ankle half witch sock jobs but thats ok...I was ON TIME.
Had a lovely time flogging calanders, scanning for feral shoplifters and stuffing up the till with Mary BOSS and was shouted great cuppachino too. AND got paid to boot. VERY good STAFF.
Have been ordered back for Saturday as I need to stuff up the till some more in preperation for BIG CROWDS with lots of Calender dollars to make ladymaryBOSS happy and rich. Yay.
I especially liked the bit where I got to wear a loooong shoelace with a key on the end and a big badge because I am STAFF.

So far so good......

Then I had to come home and clean up stinky feral kids room. It is 4 hours later and its still not done. There are 4 giant garbage bags in the hallway awaiting transportation to the bin. I am disgusted and need to know why a child thinks its whole room is one great rubbish bin? Its not all that far to the actual garbage disposal place ...about a 2 second walk I think...Grrrrrrrr.

Nuff of that.

Tomorrow is school...plurgh....I need a new attitude.....I wonder where you buy that from?

latest alert

by Karen Bishop



interesting facts

  • Cat hair will always gravitate towards black pants.......especially when the cat sleeps on them after pulling them off the hanger where you put them when you IRONED them in order to be a professional looking calander STAFF

  • A $90 JaquiE little white blouse doesn't iron any better than a K-Mart $15 job

  • You can never find a white bra when you need one

  • Black bra's under little white blouses don't look professionally STAFFish

  • When your bum gets bigger your pants get shorter

  • One must always leave one hour early for C.C jobs so that one can buy a uniform that fits first

  • One must be grateful that today is not yesterday and no one had a party last night and that pants getting shorter is a good excuse for therapy of the retail variety.........

Monday, October 16, 2006

really bad song

Hey ho hey ho
its off to goodguys we go
to buy 40 heaters to warm us up
they all break and the new ones stuffed
hey ho hey ho
a refund badmen do refuse
customer service is just a ruse
the evil alien blows a fuse
hey ho hey ho
angel darlin' saves the day
lots of dollars are packed away
now feral woman can hit the hay
hey ho hey ho

a happy ending...

My angel darlin' has returned from trip to heaterfix hell whereby heater technician extraordinaire took one look at said beast and proclaimed "can't fix 'em".

The only model of unfixable heater of this brand did I buy!!

So, back to goodguydevils did angel darlin' trot whereapon he was greeted at door by very red and trembling goodguynot who did proceed to look nervously behind darlin' for strangeandangrybitch (me) who was not there, alas....

Goodguynot did throw lots of money at darlin' in his great relief and give him red carpet and fanfare escort out of goodguynot's door......

Said darlin' did come home and throw money at crazy witchladymaryme and I was happy!!

Have come to agreement with smallest child that if she does not mention state of room then neither will I and we both will not cry.

Son from mars had hide to come and ask me where the heater is as he is cold...I did not hit him!

Cooked and ate killer lasagne......mmmmmmm

Am painting beautiful colours....

I am not an evil alien...............

it gets worse....

.....sitting at the kitchen table having a coffee with darlin' and all of a sudden he gets transported into a beautiful space and has lovely golden light things happening and is just trembling with the beauty of it all......tears

Beautiful stuff......I am envy as Raihn would say...here am I dribbling into my coffee with head on hands holding eyeballs in head with much magic and the man is floating in bliss....not fair...see how spiritual I am today....I will be happy for him later ( I am kidding, it was amazing just to observe it)

So, man recovers, we take upshit heater back to shop where I, in all my righteousness, demand a refund for the rotten thing.

Goodguynot proceeds to inform me that this particular brand of crap is under a fix it warrenty not a swap it warrenty as were other 3 heatercraps that got returned in last few months.

Well, I wasn't having it and of course stuck to my guns because I WAS RIGHT......and asked to see the manager.

Sweating and trembling goodguynot wisked my heater away and after several minutes came and took me to the secret magic place where said heater was plugged in and WORKING!

I of course am much perplexed and a tad embarrassed and so take said heater and scuttle for door dragging a darlin' behind me....."must be the wall socket" say I.....trying to regain a semblance of dignity....

Get home, plug heater into different wall socket and guess what?????

It doesn't work.......................

I am now blogging my frustrations away while darlin' angel man takes bastard heater to warrenty fix it place where I hope it blows up and takes all the goodguynots into cyberspace......actually, they can stay here and I will go home to cyberspace

This has not been a good day yet and Shelli baby just came home with an earache

AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.......I will breathe, inhale, exhale, in........

Are we there yet??????

but wait...there's more...

  • Its not nice to be woken at 8.30 on the last day of sleep ins (supposedly) after getting to sleep at 3am for second night in a row by 14 yr old looking disgusted by swollen eyeballs and drool, asking for other 14 yr old who is, most sensibly, still asleep because school goes back tommorrow, or so stupid mother insisted last night at some point. SINCE WHEN did they stop having pupil free days on the first day of 4th term?????
  • Realise that I have ripped myself off a child free day....cry a lot...sniff
  • Am belted out of way by hyperactive 13 yr old who MUST GO TO SCHOOL IMMEDIATLY, despite the fact that there is no food and mother needs to go to bank for cash.........
  • Raid everyone for 5 cent pieces so child can go to school and eat and pray that bus driver is kind enough to ignore out of date bus pass
  • Sigh.....
  • realise that said 13 yr old has left me with entire feral hovel bedroom to sort all by myself, cry, decide that Im not doing it......await tantrum at some point regarding this
  • get on bus with stinky tracksuit on and try to get a bookshelf bargain at op shop, not happening, no bookshelves to be had, cry again
  • Go to stinky bilo to get supplies for school that doesn't start tommorrow
  • Sit on bus stop with all the other ferals with stinky tracksuits on and come home
  • Grrrrrrrrr..........


Oh my gawd.....no one told me the children went back to school TODAY!!!!!!!!

I am never commenting on my cat again!


Why have ALL of my neighbours decided to throw extremely loud and drunken type parties in the last two nights that have gone on and on on aaaaaalllllll night and as a result I have had very little sleep and now resemble something really not pretty with swollen eyeballs......................

I have forgotten to renew the term bus passes.......

I have no lunch supplies in the house.......not even an apple, bugger.....


Sunday, October 15, 2006

oh oh....

My computer is acting very strangely. It won't shut down and is making weird noises.......help.

I have been coerced by a little person into sorting their stinking chock-a-block-full-of-stuff bedroom out tommorrow.......tears worked, tantrum didn't.

The guy who recorded that "noise" sent me back an email saying, quote
"Orion mothership Haog is the one in charge might be in your neighbor hood probably making contact or downloading information"
exactly the whole message, unquote.....

I am commissioned again! Soon I will be a legend .......

One more sleep in left before chaos resumes and I still havn't done any work.....and have now promised to spend my day sorting through crap.....oh well, same diff

The weather is a bit odd......

So am I

I will be back tommorrow if the computer doesn't blow up!

By the way, the 4th brand new heater is on the blink...........too strange,
the GlenGearyGoodGuys are going to suspect foul play.............
they shall turn into the GoodGodGetouttahereGuys.....
My cat will not drink out of her water bowl.
She likes to drink paint water, especially blue,
and is not adverse to a sip of darlin's tea when he is looking elsewhere.
She will drink out of the sink and other places where water resides......
do you think she knows that at the bottom of her water bowl it says
'good dog'

things you should know about puppies...

Puppies are very cute when they are born and cannot walk or bark or even move much.

They are still cute when they are a bit bigger and fall over a lot.

When they are several weeks old and are being dragged around under your arm and on a long string being 'trained' they are cute too.
Some people do very strange things with their puppies (see pic) but I wouldn't dare or even want to.


Puppies grow into huge hulking monsters that eat wood piles and buckets and taps and garden furniture and fences and palm trees and dig giant 10 metre holes that go nowhere and then sleep in them and they eat clotheslines and lots of pegs and sometimes dog food. They have fleas and poo everywhere and wee on everything and want to attack all other dogs and try to get through metal fences to do this. They have eyes that beg for food and use them alot and then after they get said food and eat it they pretend it never happened and turn on begging eyes again. They pee on people at the beach so Kristyupduff says and their breath is not always a nice experience.

They also like to be patted on the head and told they are a good dog at regular intervals which is just RIDICULOUS!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

the end...

...and now it is the end of the good day and it is still good despite the fact that I have melted and am now stuck to this chair because it takes several hours to check everyones blogs and all of their comments and leave a tip or two....

Now my fingers are stuck to the keyboard so I will go and create a huge list of questions for Ptah because Jaqui said so....you all read that right!!!

Happy sweating mary's.....love you

things what 'appen....

Symbol for Alignment of Selves

  • Yesterday was a good day, cleaned up abode just in case (as you do..) mothermary came in (was a much needed good excuse), and was slightly disconcerted when said mary went white with shock and froze at front door. An interesting reaction, I will definately do it next time I go to the cottage.....

  • Shelli baby is home and in great form after having slept in paddock with cows and been fishing till midnight. She is trying very hard to have a tantrum but is just a bit too weary to fire up, all this AFTER 12 hours sleep.....

  • Visit to home of Boss Mary was fun, got ginger kisses to die for and decent coffee (highly unusual). I'm sure her beautiful home is much more beautiful when not buried in calenders....

  • Got to meet her 'that man' who is just lovely and has goosebump deep voice.....

  • Got commissioned for a painting, so exciting.......

  • My darlin' is all fired up and humming around the place having firings in his head...this is normal.

  • I am painting in my head, no wonder the house is full of energy.....this too is normal.

  • I am out of washing powder and that's just tragic....and normal.

  • Shelli is sitting in the hallway because she hates her room.....also normal.

  • Darlin' is getting metaphysical with her................... that will surely work....!!!!

  • I can still hear the 'noise'.

  • I feel good today.

  • I have reviews to write and a sculpture to finish and not to mention an exhibition to write up and photo negs to sort and a plate to etch and a whole terms worth of landscape drawings to make up........plurghplurghplurgh....

  • and I'm NOT doing it today...

  • Today, I PLAY.....................just because I can!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Go listen to this and tell me Im not mad.... click on 'listen to ufo sound'....


40 reasons why I blog.....

  1. It beats doing housework
  2. It helps me to ignore the children
  3. It gives me something better to do than the 20 far less interesting things that I could be doing
  4. It lets me speak my mind
  5. It doesn't answer back - much
  6. It keeps me in touch with MY reality
  7. I can complain about anything and it lets me
  8. It makes me think
  9. My ego likes the attention
  10. ...and so does my heart
  11. It lets me know I'm not alone
  12. It keeps MY Josh off the computer
  13. ...and my Kayla
  14. .......and my Shelli baby
  15. It gives me something to argue with the children about that I can actually win...."Its MY computer, I paid for it and the broadband and its MY turn, now get ORF".
  16. The Mary's
  17. My Mary
  18. It gets me used to putting me out there
  19. It accepts me for just who I am
  20. It stops me from living in my head
  21. It lets me know that there are other 'weirdo's' out there too
  22. It lets my kids know that too
  23. It makes me laugh
  24. I LIKE it
  25. It doesn't run to a timetable
  26. It keeps me connected with MY reality
  27. I get to show my art work and nobody can stop me, like it or not!!!!
  28. Its good for me and tastes better than bran
  29. It keeps me in touch with those who live in my heart
  30. Did I mention it keeps me sane?
  31. It lets me know that people care and I do matter
  32. It appeals to the exhibitionist in me - its My page and its ALL ABOUT ME...
  33. It lets me get to know and sometimes help others
  34. and vice versa
  35. It improves my typing
  36. It fills up my inbox
  37. It drives my kids nuts
  38. and my darlin'
  39. ITS FREE
  40. ...and its FUN

buzzy fuzzies...

In the course of a conversation yesterday with my darlin' I happened to mention the 'vibrational noise' I have been hearing. Well, that blew him out of the water as he has been experiencing the same thing for the last few days. Apparently he had been through all sorts of elimination processes trying to figure out where it was coming from....

Anyway, we have come to some sort of conclusion that it is definatly happening and has something to do with the fuzzyhead syndrome. Perhaps we are unconsciously receiving something from somewhere?

Its kind of like you are walking around doing whatever and yet half of you is not here, its there, wherever the noise is coming from. In light of all the info lately concerning the 'new' earth and the vibrational shifts I find it extremely interesting. Some part of me is off doing gawd knows what and the rest of me is left flubbering around wondering where my head is at....but not too drastically, kind of like, "oh well, the spirit's busy, I'll just clean the loo, or maybe not, well why should I, think I'll go to bed" type thing.

That's all very well and good this week......what about when I get back to school?

I can see it now.....

"So, Michelle, whats this blank paper really about?"

...."oh well, you know, its a statement sort of thing in light of the planetary changes and the global shift, its just all about doing nothing for a while and allowing and accepting what is...."


Thursday, October 12, 2006


that seems to have got it back
Too bloody weird.....

oh my gawd

my blog has disappeared!!!!

fuzzy head

Today I feel as if I haven't woken up properly.

My head is all jumbled and fuzzy and nothing is working properly.

Its all a bit interesting......I am observing me.

I need to paint the seal I saw in my dream I think. Its important somehow.

I can hear this strange low vibrational 'rumbling' continuosly.....Then I check my emails and find an article on people asking just what thats is, from the other side of the world. It is much more apparent today, non stop.....

I have pressure in my head, well, my forehead, its not a headache, similar but pressure not pain......

I want to go to the beach.....and just stand in the water.....now

Coffee tastes like crap

And so do cigarettes

Who is the Mary child?

...and why was I carrying her?

...and what 'is here'??


dreaming of mary

I am sitting outside Rose Cottage (which has morphed into a large, old two story job) and hear the 'girls' calling me to come inside. I pick up 3 rose pink tea candles and follow......up the stairs and to the right is a large empty room, I hear a child crying....."..dont worry about her, its Mary" call the girls who are still out of sight.
I go into the room and the child is huddled in a corner crying "the faeries, the faeries".
I pick her up, she is almost too heavy but I carry her anyway, and take her out of the room and down the stairs and outside. The mary child gasps and points somewhere behind me and says "Its here, its here...". I feel a huge sense of something approaching, something really BIG.....
and I wake up.
I close my eyes and there is a pale blue star, the seal of solomon type star, and inside the star is writing. Hundreds of little symbols that I dont quite recognise and cannot remember.

Hmmmmm....any ideas??

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

this day

Its officially the middle of the last week of my holidays from school.


I haven't done any of the school work that drastically needs my attention. Oh well, who cares....

I will in about 3 weeks when there is only a month to go in the school year....maybe I'll do something after all....

Its been another funny sort of day. I did the Woollies run and am now broke.....however we live to eat another week.....but that's about all I have done. I slept a bit and floated around somewhere all day long. Weird.

Went to the cottage tonight and had some fun. Its seems that the only time I feel real these days is when I am with like minded people. That's weird too. Or not.

I'm thinking of doing a set of goddess prints for people to use on alters or whatever.....

Shelli baby is gone off to camp and get filthy and stinking and have great fun for a couple of days. Its interesting how much the dynamic changes when one child is missing from the house.

Had a phone call from The Catholic Scientist Virgin tonight. She sounds so tired. She is in the middle of writing, and re writing, and re writing again, her thesis for honours at uni and as I know my daughter very well, this means she is putting 150% into everything and leaving no energy left for Tahni. She will need to come home to recharge soon. When she doesn't she feels it! I am fortunate in that she has about 20 'mothers' in her college and they make sure she looks after herself, or else they do it for her, otherwise she wouldn't survive.

I may make jokes about the catholic mary college down there but I know and am very grateful for the care they give this special girl of mine when I can't......

As for my mary, she is beautiful. Tired and cranky and full of p**s and vinegar, she, as always, ran a good 'show' tonight. I am blessed to have that woman in my life today. She teaches me much about myself. She makes a difference.....yes you.

Tonight, listening to Renata talk about her situation I felt full of admiration, compassion and empathy for this woman who is rising to the challenge of being 'woman of strength' for her family in their time of need. I know what it feels like to want to kick and scream and cry and rage and yet have to put on a brave face and soothe the terrified people around you. It is the way of woman, and has been for time eternal. That is why the world survives and we live to love another day. I salute you....

Well, my darlin' has gone to bed wondering why he is so tired....I am on this computer, again. The children are sleeping or at least quiet and not visible. The day has been long and I am.

I am.....

love and light and many blessings to you all

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

meet mary.....one of them

This is the Catholic Scientist Virgin's Mary.

How do you think it will go down at the catholic virgin mary college?

perplexing but true..

  • My children are running around the house behaving like nuts. They have discovered a site called 'the tourettes guy'......need I say more? Well, it involves a lot of random swearing, much hilarity and loud obnoxiousness. Hmmmmm.

  • My darlin' is never going to come out of the shed, I will find him one day, wrapped around a raku kiln with a glaze recipe between his teeth, covered in clay dust and resting in peace. I might go and slide some food under the door....and Goji.....

  • My eyes are crossed due to peering at very small areas of paper whilst wielding a very, very small one haired paintbrush. This is not a good look I assure you. Neither is the streak of blue paint running up one side of my mouth and down my pants leg....

  • I have eaten 12 different colours today......this can't be a good thing

  • I am now painting a Mary for the Catholic Scientist Virgin......I don't think she is expecting a blue mary......or a gold and silver angel and a crescent moon.

  • My darlin' wants me to do him a painting, trouble with that is he also wants to tell me how to paint it, what doesn't look right and should perhaps paint it himself. He's only been waiting for 4 years for this........ and that is why!

  • (just kidding oh lovely one)

  • Its very quiet in blogland......people must have lives out there

  • I need to get out of the house

  • I wish I was rich

  • I wonder if anyone will ever want to buy anything I paint?

  • I wish they'd do it soooonnnnnn

  • If only two people want to do my workshop it wont be happening

  • Im hungry again. That could be because paint isn't actually very filling!

  • or nutricious

  • or even tasty

  • Yes, I am bored and okay, I will stop now

Monday, October 09, 2006

Out of my tree....

This is it.
Im out of my tree.....
(Its got lots of metallic in it so is hard to photograph properly)

more computer stuff

Well, I changed to beta.....
now my comments seem to be anonymous, hmmmmm
Why is anything to do with bloody computers so incredibly time consuming?
Testing. testing.....

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Its been a quiet day.
I have spent half of it putting my little website together. I think it looks pretty good for a computer illiterate such as myself. I have been having it come up in my 'thoughts' for weeks now so I finally got to it.
I think all you people should definitely link me up to your respective sites. I did you......
The other half of the day found me painting and staring out the window, at the wall, at the ceiling, at my book.....life is funny.
I have a new guide, Kunaami, and Aineha is my wise woman who has been waiting for me to be 'ready' forever. I think she is another aspect of me actually. She usually decides to walk right through me when I am standing at the kitchen sink. It doesn't matter which kitchen sink either. It must be the water or something. My old guides have gone, or I have moved up and 'joined' them or whatever, they aren't there anymore. I don't know who Kunaami is, just that he is there.
My darlin' has spent the last two days pottering around ecstatically in his garage, playing with his clay and building a new raku kiln. We fired the old one that someone gave him last night for the first time! He was so excited.....too cute. It'll be great when he gets the other one done, he will be able to use it for all sorts of firings then. Anyone who wants a special ceramic piece made should put their order in now for xmas! He is a very talented potter and does wonderful things with glazes! I love it when he's happy like that...he's all shiny.
He made the pieces pictured here.

Im putting it out there that we make drums!
Beautiful native american style medicine drums.
Our prices are very reasonable at $160 for a plain drum, with a bag and a beater and $190 and up for a hand painted custom design, also with a bag and a beater.
We also hold one day workshops for people wanting to make their own drums for $180.
If you shop around you will see that the prices are excellent.


Some pics!!

I also do Spirit Guide Drawings and other guided art.

Have a look at my website and see....


Enough of the flogging of self now.
I hope everyone has had a nice day.