Monday, August 27, 2007


Blogger has just found two comments that need to be moderated for me....


go blogger

apparently we would be revived if we changed our blog titles

am pondering this

what to change it to??

More Boring Drivel from the studio???

Daily and yet not??

Be Back Later???

noooo...thats Jens


I know



Too Tired

Okay, enough of that.

Did you know that only ONE person showed for Arty FArty today??

Whats that all about??

Are you all sick of me??

or sick??

Maybe a rethink on artclass is in order

I will give it a couple more weeks though.....

Anyhoo, am very busy taking photos of work and am just recharging
stupid camera for the next bit

Am getting more nervous and yet not as the day grows nearer

Normal I guess


Must go and stare at paintings some more and feel slightly sick

Am thinking of Kristy working today....



Lisa said...

yes, blogger found me three comments from ages ago.
why dont you call your blog 'smart artist' and that is a bit sad about art class- belly dancing finishes tonight too- hmmmmmm
i have been thinking about Kristy too, all day, but her baby is really cute.
not long now chell x

Rider-Waite said...

She Lives!!!!!!!

Just joking, you keep going with your arty stuff. Not long now and it will be all over......

LUCKY said...

Thinking of you...I like the "Smart Artist" title, very clever!

~*Rylah*~ said...

I knew you were there somewhere...

I'll see you on wednesday night I guess - if you'll be there... please come! (I'll pay you ;)

Can't wait to see all the finished works on exhiition night. Yes, you're right - very normal. You are, in fact, human. (well, this lifetime, anyway)

Missing you lots.

Jac xXx =^..^= xXx

Rider-Waite said...

Take your time with my painting Anchell. I am going to Victoria on the 5th sept and won't be back until the 11th, so you have until after that!!

I am not in a hurry......HONESTLY TAKE YOUR TIME. PLEASE.

Kristy-Lee said...

Smart Artist is exo! Or "Blog off, Im not in the mood".

"Get blogged"?



Jewell said...

Arty farty class was hit by the flu takes no prisoners!!!