Sunday, November 25, 2007


This week end I have

  • made 500000 cards to sell at art bazaar ( I hope! )
  • driven to Kurri and back twice in one day to see eldest CSV
  • given driving lessons to said CSV
  • cut out 4 drum bags to be sown soon
  • made 4 drums to go into them
  • cleaned the reeking toilet and bath
  • vacuumed ? the floors
  • cook various food stuffs
  • been shopping 3 times

Ummmmmm, and more stuff that has floated away for now

oh yes, played scrabble and breathed


Im not finished yet TONI so shut up already.......


I still have about 30 artworks to cut out mounts for and then mount

Then 500000 or so cards and 50 or so artworks must be bagged up and labelled

Drums must be painted when they dry

more dinners will be cooked

and washing done when necessary

children taxied

etc etc etc





Cyndy said...

Busybusybusybusy indeed, 'Chell.

What's so good about Kurri Kurri(so nice that they named it twice) that gorgeous CSV daughter is there?
Just tell me to mind my own business.....

Rider-Waite said...

There, that was a nice blog! You have been very busy haven't you. I even forgive you for not blogging. What does CSV stand for? I am not up with all the lingo bizzo.

You deserve a break. So I will let you off for a few days.

How is the gym going? still got the motivation?

Kathleen said...

Busy Busy Busy like Pam Am!