Tuesday, November 27, 2007

poo indeedy do

After the lacing of 4 drums and then a whole day of cutting out 4000000 matt boards with my notsoschmickanymore matt cutter, I now have a right thumb the size of a small mountain...

and it hurts too

AND today I must go to backpassage and write out 467,000 Christmas cards with said thumb doing the do again...

soon I will be all thumb....ahem

AND my left elbow joint has decided now would be a good time to send shooting pains to me every time I move it

happy joy

on the bright side

things are getting done!

soon I shall be doing them with my feet and teeth


this better be worth it!


Rider-Waite said...

I have an itching, burning sensation in my palm. It is from fighting the urge to slap my two feral girls who painted my couch with food colouring today. Very annoying. maybe one slap will get rid of the itch....

Lisa said...


then have a coffee.


Cyndy said...

ooh... Toni.... buggers of children...and totally unacceptable behaviour... but they will be grown up and leave soon. I hope you enjoyed that smack 'n coffee. I would have.

rainbowspirit said...