Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, we survived Mothers Day

I feel my mother around me at times and she feels quite pleased with herself........makes sense to me. She feels quite pleased with me too.....:)

As do I most usually

I am contemplating study, as in doing Open Foundation at Uni next semester then possibly spending three years studying nursing......because I can earn money as a nurse, decent money and I don't have to be evicting people and chasing rent money and other such things, I'd rather clean up vomit......sigh

I did say CONTEMPLATING......for now

I can't see me paying a mortgage with what I could earn as an artist here in Newcastle......that way most likely leads to starvation

I am not entirely sure about nursing but I think I could do it and do it well......



Natalie said...

I think you could do it well, too.

I think it is a career that must come from the heart and from a passion to heal and serve. If you are coming from that space, then that will be a fantastic choice.xx♥

Lisa said...

wow ! that feels so good !

Kerry said...


Just get used to people saying NURSE......NURSE.....NURSE....and pressing their buzzer 5000000000 times in a 2 minute space and all will be

Honestly though, i think its a great idea.


Cyndy said...

There are lots of options within healthcare that can be considered such as Diversional therapy, Occupational therapy etc. Nursing, does pay, but depending upon what shift you do, which day you do it and where you do it, packing shelves may pay more.
And any Uni couse involves a HECS debt.

Having said all that, I love my job. But I'm still casual 12 months after completing my rtraining. But there may be more options in the Newcastle area than up here.

You'll work it out, Bluest One. You will find something that fits.

Sarah Lulu said...

My dearest friend is a nurse.

Listen to your soul ...calling you to do whatever is.

I suspect you would be wonderful.

Kristy-Lee said...

Cyndy is right. There are SO many areas.
In my area, there are no buzzers, minimal vomit (no adult vomit anyway) and I come home fulfilled.
I would not be doing it for the money though. Nope.
You would make a great nurse.
You could go to the hospital and volunteer for a week or so to see if it feels right?
But you WILL find your place....

Knock said...

Hey Babe KO loves you vey much mmmmmmmmmmmm

Dawn said...

Sounds like an idea!
You could also look in tattooing?