Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Today was a bit like yesterday

  • Went to Charlie Square very early to return dodgy goods

  • cleaned out cupboards and murdered cockroaches

  • read a book

  • did half a load of washing and machine blew up again! Grrrrr

  • cooked curry

  • Went to big giant camping shop and bought 4 tent poles, 4 mantles and a kettle

  • sorted out fishing gear (or lack of) because that is very important

  • started small pile of 'things to take camping' consisting of fishing gear and a kettle, hmmm

  • executed 2 perfect reverse parks in street behind my house and drove in many circles(shhhhh)

  • washed mary car again and am awaiting tsunami or possible snowstorm

  • 8 more sleeps till driving day

  • made lots of lists all saying the same things

  • did much exercising with one 2 kilo weight.....

  • oh ... you know....blah blah blah

These are the days of my life......

Am going to Tea Gardens tommorrow to get car all fixed up and gooder



Bee said...

my goodness woman when are you going to rest

Jacqui said...

well you had a slightly more exciting day than me.... and at least you're going camping, I'm just stuck in hospital - oh boo hoo!!! how melodramatic! :)

BTW, what exactly do you see in fishing?

Shergar said...

Those days of your life sound beautiful.

Anchell said...

I am enjoying getting things done, its been too long!

Amorah said...

Coming to Tea Gardens?!!!! You simply must come to the Tea Gardens Waterfront and see me for a New Year hug! You will find us on the Tea Gardens waterfront next door to Tea Gardens Real Estate - you can't miss them! I hope to see you today sometime! If you need lifts while car gets fixed or anything then simply call us and we shall be happy to be your taxi service for the small fee of a hug.

Kristy-Lee said...

Oh, it seems that only the work of a true Captain will fix your white good.

Where could we find such a one?

Jewell said...

goodness very busy Mary indeed!!!

Amorah said...

Sorry I missed you! I trust your day was marvellous! Karen