Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today I have
  • been to officeworks for the 3rd day in a row at an ungodly hour and FINALLY been able to purchase wanted shelves for my bloody mother and her bloody office
  • been to art school and aquired a timetable that is sure to kill me in the first month (only 2 half days off a week, aaarrrrgggghhh) ( I will find time to sleep, I WILL)
  • had some excellent lunch and conversation with a friend or two
  • washed my putrid stinking notabus marycar
  • been to Crystal Magick to pick up some dosh for a drum, excellently good timing for cash injection for sure with me having just spent 43,000 bucks on school shoes etc
  • done Coles
  • cooked food
  • driven son around and back to gym
  • am just running out the door to pick up CSV from train station as I speak
When I said I wouldn't take my kids anywhere I forgot that they had to get there somehow and the other drivers around here have gone on a much deserved strike!!

Having just said that...darlin' has just volunteered to get the nun from the train and as much as I would like to be the martyr I let him......

Must sleep.......................its very hot isn't it


Cyndy said...

Not lazy, just economising your energy; you're going to need it by the sound of it..;)

Bee said...

busy busy woman as usual xxx