Friday, January 05, 2007

Hello all
I am having several days of doing things and acquiring camping things and fixing marycar things and am very busy doing things, but I just said that!
I am also quite tired and a bit worried about certain friends.
I am existing in an extreme state of cleanliness which feels rather foreign and yet nice.
Darlin' and I celebrated our 4th 'anniversary' yesterday.
Its really 48 full moons, which is how we count our time together as, yes, it all began on the night of a very full, very big, very yellow full moon in the new year 4 years ago.
We have both come a long long way since then. Its been an interesting and eventful and very illuminating ride.
The best thing I like about us is that we are 'real'.
Everything in our relationship is real and even though that is a challenge at times it is still the best way to be.
So I believe anyway.
I dont know whats happening with our little cottage right now.
I am hopeful that my mary will see that she appointed a commitee for this very reason and use us. But if she cannot then that is okay too.
We will survive and be bigger and better when all is well again.
I am sending you lots of love and healing maryme and please look after you well.
You are very precious.
Anyway, thats it for me for now...I have to drink coffee and make another list!!!


rainbowspirit said...

happy 48th mooon anniversary precious ones.

am also worried about a certain silent mary....

take care

luv jen

Kathleen said...

Blissed and Blessed Be for your 48 and counting full moons : )

Bee said...

congradulations to you and your darlin,well done,hope you have many more moons together xx

Romy said...

Happy Anniversary...having a partner that you can respect and depend upon ( most of the time )
is pure joy.
As for the latter....ditto, ditto!
Lets hope that when the next full moon comes around all will be well.
Blessings to Maryme!

Jacqui said...

ditto to Lisa.... happy anniversary guys!

Shergar said...

You darlin' is a lucky bugger to have a real one. All the women I have ever known all told me later that they were faking...
Mind you, they said they were dumping me because they wanted 'a real man'. Go figure..

Anchell said...

Ahh, life can be so unkind......

Jewell said...

well's too many many more full moons together....
me is also worried about a certian mary...tried to contact to no luck...