Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the freezing off of the proverbial arse....

Oh my god, it is so bloody cold here this week!

I am having to wear so many layers of clothing I feel like a sausage roll....when K and I went out on the Harley the other day I had so many layers of clothes on I couldn't bloody breathe...erk

This morning I have a man installing a new instantaneous hot water service.......yay for big HOT baths! but boo hiss for turning the gas off and the water so I have no heat for two hours when it is practically snowing on the doorstep.....:(

( I may be exaggerating a LITTLE....)

The concrete slab that all was depending on has finally been poured and soon the builder will build me some more house. This will be good as one of these days I will no longer feel this refugee type status that I have right now. That plus a dining table to eat at and (ahem) paint on will be nice....not to mention a back door and a yard to throw the farking dog into.

Mum's house sale settles today and .....surprise surprise....the bank has charged a million dollars interest and there is JUST enough money to pay all the debts with none left over....sigh.

It's funny isn't it, how some people just come into your life and move into a spot that had been waiting for them and you never even knew it.....that's what my relationship with my K feels like....coming home.

I like it like that :)

BTW the pic is of Kayla's birthday cake lololol


Michelle said...

I rejected you Deb! It was an accident!!!!

Cyndy said...

I have an instantaneous HWS, and I LOVE it!

And I HATE the way the government wants their share (and yours, Daniesl, the grandchildren's and everyone else's share) of what should be yours.....

And you know it's cold when you've got on sooooo many layers of clothing that your arms stick straight out and you can wrap them around your man when you're going out for a ride......

blue is ok, as long as it's not all the time <3