Monday, September 24, 2007


am Hookering at backpassage

very important inteference running whilst accountants audit things that are very important also

am worth at least an envelope this week

have just eaten many quarters of little sandwiches with stuff on

too many too many

and three packets of fruit tingles because they are yummy and i am addicted

Kristy is stressing me at scrabble...she's good and blocks everything...grrrr

maryme says she is a champ but i am flogging her breasts orf

Cyndi is lovely and just gives me triple words on plates...lovely I tell you

Life is soooo busy

time is whipping by each day

I'm sure I used to be able to fit much more into a day than I can now

its weird

anyone else noticed this??

My house is clean

Thats weird too

Back to hooking........


Kristy-Lee said...

You are a ho, but I am a pro.

Fessional that is.

Actually, I am sucking hard at Scrabble in most games. You must be the lucky one.

Lisa said...

every back passage needs a well hung hooker.
my first three scrabble games dont count becasue i dont know how to do it and i didnt know you could block people.......

Cyndy said...

Glad to be of assistance, arty farty....

Rider-Waite said...

And how do you block people? I'm going to ask Kristy.

Anonymous said...

You are NOT the hoe - I AM the are a hooker indeed.
There is a difference.
But we both working our bums off for very little..silly us!


Hippy Witch said...

What a wonderful place to Hooker, you will have to teach maryme how to block.

Lisa said...

how do you block ????????????? and why would you ?