Friday, September 28, 2007


How did I get to be playing EIGHTEEN simultaneous games of scrabble??

and how...if I am playing so many, can I still be waiting for people to have their turns??

Darlin thinks I have disappeared into the computer

Lucky I really like scrabble

Somethings got to make me think


CSV coming home for a flying visit tomorrow

This means I get to drive out to Kurri twice and back in a day

She's lucky I am a cool mom

I am exhausted....

as usual

have been hookering and ho-ing all week every day every hour and minute and second and stuff

vitamins and fruit tingles are not doing it for me

just means I pee fluorescently and froth at the mouth a lot

I think I will be in bed at an ungodly early hour tonight

like now seems fair to me

ah poo


maryme said...

i am loving scrabble- its your move !

Cyndy said...

That's better than dribbling fluorescently and peeing froth...........

Kristy-Lee said...

Dont get sleep. If you are really tired you might play badly at scrabble and then I can get my score closer to yours.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....I will have my nose to the grind stone shorty too...Yuck.