Tuesday, December 11, 2007

lifes like that

You know how it is when your head is full and your hands are heavy


Lots going on in my life right now

Lots of shit from my past coming up for me with the arrival of my ex in my sons life

Josh is going to him for christmas and I feel like I am sending him to the monster under the bed

and it hurts that 12 years down the track this arsehole has me reeling yet again

I swore he would never hurt me again and yet here I am again

I wish he had just conveniently died sometime

oh well

life goes on

and it looks like my mother may be really quite sick

will know more by next week but the quack is concerned enough to be rushing her through tests before xmas


the daughter stealing Catholic bastards will have my daughter for xmas and I wont

whinge bitch moan x 34523

I will prevail!

I will.....

farking gobshites

on the bright side?

It will rain today

Someone will enjoy that I suppose


grrrr sob moan sigh


thats enough of this!


Cyndy said...


Sob, sigh, moan and growl as much as you like; that's what we're here for. And on MSN. And Facebook.

Your mum knew what she was doing when she started getting you to work at BackPassage, didn't she???? At least she can relax about that part of her life and concentrate on the business of wellness.

I'm sorry that life is biting you on the arse right now.

Love to you xoxo

Rider-Waite said...

No, that isn't fair. My sons Dad has decided to become all good and Dad like and make contact after 6 years as well. And my boy only 8!! It really is shitty that they think they can walk back in, and WE have to pick up the pieces when they fuck off again. Grrrr.

Bad news about your Mum, hope she is Ok, and what a shitty time to get sick. It is sad about your daughter, why the hell CAN'T she come home for X-Mas??? It is about Family is it not??

I have my period, hence the crabby post. Feeling for you Anchell, hope all is well.

Myst_72 said...

Isn't it lovely how these 'fathers' turn up and play Dad around christmas - what about the rest of the f'ing year?
How old is your son?


I hope your Mum is o.k.

rainbowspirit said...

hugs and smooches

Lisa said...

i know
i do

Kristy-Lee said...

Yack. All horrible. Love to your mum. Opposite of love to your horrid ex.

Love you.

Hippy Witch said...

Thoughts are with you anchell, Love and energy to your mum, you should have your kids for christmas, they should go to fathers boxing day, thats fairer.
You are special
Love you