Friday, December 07, 2007

yawn...... )0(


I am so slack arent I

all been frantic havent you

i am not punctuating...cant be snaggered

I am soooooo good

I got all my xmas shopping done in a day and a half

one pressie left to find and only because its for my little brother (who is 6' 2") and he is a pain because he never 'wants anything'...

well, maybe I will get him nothing and see if he can manage a request next year!

It was very nice to have the money to just go and buy.....I like it a lot

better make some more now so I can buy more stuff!!

Just like that heh!


anyhoo, its done

thank fark

what else I hear you ask???

Well, back passage of course....which I am now receiving renumeration for, due to selling of many houses due to excellent positive energy influx of my good self of course.....

not much renumeration but still, better than paperclips for sure

and a haircut too. I got a haircut.....

and a clean ish house, I managed one of those as well

I only have 12 things in my washing basket....a rough estimate as I refuse to count

I have not put my bush up for display yet

I am waiting to see if anyone around here notices

It is entirely possible they wont until 3 days before C day

I slept for 3 hours this arvo and will now be up all night so as to get suitably exhausted before hoing ay Hades tomorrow......

and scrabulous is offline due to getting better,,,bastards!

I have 43 games waiting for me you know

gosh bosh

I wish someone would come clean out my fridge for me


good bye



Lisa said...


rainbowspirit said...

slept for three hours???? you should have come and gotten drops for poor larry potter!!

sleep is good

if i didnt have a seven year old, my bush would be hidden and unadorned too i reckon

have fun
luv me

Hippy Witch said...

I hope you didn't cut your hair too shorttttttttt. You have beautiful hair.

I am very happy for you that your christmas shopping is done, it's a nightmare out there with all those people,
I only have one thing left to get & I have no idea what to get him (Hubby), Im thinking, tying a red ribbon around my pierced nipples may be the cheapest option.

rainbowspirit said...

on ya nips!!!


rainbowspirit said...

ahem, my rating is higher then yours.......

hee hee hee


i shouldnt rub it in, but i did

mwa ha ha