Sunday, December 23, 2007


Feeling a bit more human today after a day of doing nothing much and another to look forward to

Back to the grind tomorrow

My sister has arrived at mums so I can breath

Shopping is all done bar the fruit and veg, which will be ridiculously expensive on xmas eve but what else is new?

wont even mention fuel...

Had noice coffees and cheesecakes with real people last night so the world is still turning

Darlin thinks I have left him for scrabble because thats how I turn my head off

The bad thing is that now Ive had time to wind down I am feeling the fear.....cancer, my god!

Chemo, hair loss, vomiting, offices........moving!

I think I will have to move us over to Backpassage in order to be able to cope

It seems the most sensible thing to do right now

My children will not love me


Enough...Im going to scrabble before my head explodes

better than drugs yes???


Rider-Waite said...

Yes, scrabble is better than drugs.

But , you are allowed to get angry, scared, feel hopeless etc... It is going to be a tough time and I can't even imagine how frightening it must be for all of you. I would be a blubbering mess if it was my Mum, and you can be too. I won't tell anyone.

apart from the 5 people in Tassie I gossip with.

Cyndy said...

Glad you're back, M'dear.

Your children will always love you... and one day, they will even understand why the move was necessary. And res0pect you for it.

Maybe they'd like to consider it like a holiday destination??...

I wish that I could have been one of the coffee-people....

You've been doing marvellously well over the past few weeks. Have you wondered why you were able to complete then sell all your wares so early in the season? And have all your SPF present shopping over and done with. And why "it" was decided that it was time for you to learn the "family business" at Backpassage?? Lots of other timely happenings and decisions have taken place leading up to this too....

Things really do happen for a reason, don't they?.

Love to you. Maybe we can have a coffee in the break between Christmas & New Year.

Lisa said...

yes, good to touch you last night- life is scarry shit sometimes and this i know well.
Maybe the move wont be nessecary- just a thought- dont jump in too deep just yet, these things have a way of working themselves out. love you xxx
and scrabble