Friday, November 05, 2010


Yeah okay

SO I went to the gym and I started getting organised.....

now I am furious!

Organised my ARSE!

There is not ONE THING in my life that is organised at the moment.

My house is half finished everywhere I life is a FUCKING MESS that I can't clean up by myself. I am so frustrated with it all it's making me depressed.

AND the rain can just bloody well PISS OFF!



Jac said...

GGRRRR at you too miss!!!

Why does it all have to be organized anyway? Can't we just love the chaos? Guess it depends on what type of chaos, right... =)

Twain12 said...

well all i can send is this ♥♥♥
hope it gets better. Life sure has it's moments !!

Lisa said...

anger fuels the fire we need to create change,
so says I
smooch x