Thursday, November 04, 2010

You know, I sit here sometimes and I try to work it all out in my head.

Yeah..... Oh oh

I try to find the 'solution' for all the varying people in my life and their problems and then, eventually, I remember that I am the only one I can actually do anything about. In a practical sense. My expectations are my downfall or my joy, depending on how realistically I set them.

I am trying to pass this knowing along right now, to a few people in my life, and it is funny (not haha) how difficult some people make it for themselves.

My life right now is affected by those around me and their varying problems. This is frustrating, to say the least, and very not least because I can't find the energy to get out of my own road so I frustrate myself.

Tomorrow I will make an effort to do some things I keep putting off. Like exercise and organising my space. Next week, my aim is to stay home long enough to start a painting.

Or if not that, then to pick up the renovations again.

Or bath the dogs and wash the car....

There are things that need doing and I know I will feel better when I start doing them.......



Lisa said...

but it is the 'starting' isn't it ?
I know, when things get too hard, I just sort of mark time, waiting for a push, prod or punch to get me moving again.
Alot of it is the energy of now and I really believe that- it's much harder to be alive on this earth at this time, the energy is like quick sand.

I love you
and I know the others all do too

smile myshell

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you will get through all of the challenges that you are facing right now. You are strong, smart and resourceful. You have always inspired me with your approach to adversity. Do what you need to do, when you are ready to do it.

Cyndy said...

I am the procrastination queen. We can rule together.....