Tuesday, February 27, 2007

exciting fings wot 'appened today

  • weeellll, I had a day off, not so exciting but hey...
  • had excellent coffee or two with my mary but not with up duff....for a very good reason as time will tell, hmmmm
  • turned my lounge room that no one uses into a studio space for me for when I get motivated in a minute to create some arty stuff
  • ummmmm
  • drove son and various hormonal sweaty friends to gym which was okay, however, four teenage boys in little tiny marycars is not so good on the way home AFTER sweaty stuff has reached peak and started to dry etc....phew
  • Kayla, daughter with scabby dogs arse birthday gift has got an interview with Henny Penny so she's excited....and Must shop tommorrow morning instead of playing sport for suitable interview type clothing that does not involve Lowes mens shorts and old PJ shirts at all, oh no no no
  • oh yes, and Kristy Up Duff is probably having a baby Ruby any minute now......WOOOOO HOOOOOOO......push, pant, push, pant etc etc etc

Life is good isn't it....even when it's boring

There you go Jennifer


rainbowspirit said...


Funny girl

Cyndy said...

Eeewwww...teenage boy smell...Urghhh... sweaty teenage boy......plurghhh...multiple sweaty teenage boys in marycar.....

Good luck to Kayla! Red Rooster are emplying too, I believe.

Yay for Upduff!!!

Smells mean you're alive...Alive is good.. ;0)