Sunday, February 25, 2007

hello again


I am a wee bit over feeling like Ive been run over by some buses and a train or two

I dont know whats going on in the world but hey, enough already.....I want some energy back and a touch of enthusiasm would be nice too

I dont know about anyone else but I have had a really hard time this week, a hard time doing, thinking or caring about anything at all really

So not like me.....I don't much like it

On a brighter note, the arty farty marys are powering on...some beautiful artworks were produced today. Its amazing how a group of people with exactly the same piece of paper and materials can come up with such completely different artworks

I just love watching them zone out of this world and into the other one...its very much good indeed

Art is not supposed to be hard ..... its just supposed to be fun, an adventure of sorts

A little fact I must remind myself of.....

I think thats supposed to be true for life too somehow


Its been quiet on blogger this week has it not...we must pick it up a notch girls, this is good for us, like fruit and stuff.....

My bear dog is a much happier fur boy now, his back is healing very nicely and very expensive vet has done a good job on him and so have I...he is getting quite spoiled though and will soon be unbearable and be called rude names if he keeps taking his bucket-ed head up the wrong end of the house......oh yes indeed

His mother is not impressed at all.....she would like to get sick to achieve some spoiling too I think and he wont even let her.....nah, wont go there I think

My 14 year old daughter turns 15 tommorrow....goodness how did that happen so fast. For her birthday she is getting a scabby dogs arse.....I will put a ribbon on it of course....

I will go to class tommorrow and draw...because I can and I may even want to

I will be grateful for things even if they do seem too hard or too blah this day, there will be days when they are not again soon I am sure

I will

I am


Have a good week



Bee said...

you have a good week to, woman with big hair,luv ya xxxxx

Kristy-Lee said...

I am very pleased for Bear Dog, very pleased about arty Mary's too.

Not pleased about your lack of Michelle-ness this week. Where did it go? Get it back!

Romy said...

Scabby arse is Good!
Better than nothing - Give her the day off from milking the cows and picking the potatoes at dawn before she has to walk the ten miles to school and she will be eternally grateful.Ah!!the good old days when we were young.

Cyndy said...

Happy Birthday to the almost 15 year old lovely!!!!! A be-ribboned scabby dog's arse..what more could a girl want?!!!!!

I've been trying to blog; it just hasn't happened........ Have a good week Arty Farty Mary ;)

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday to almost 15 yr old : )

This week "Be Inspired"

Blessings to you,
Kathleen xOx

Lisa said...

I would be grateful for a scabby dogs arse , especially if it had a ribbon on.........hounds cost a fortune but art does not- i have a sketch book and am very much enjoying being arty farty mary 2 with pastals....yes, people need to return to blog because it is good for us and funny too.......arse is a funny word.........

Lisa said...

and I am beautiful like you

rainbowspirit said...

uh hum.... where are you???

Anchell said...

aaahhhhh shuddup you face