Saturday, March 10, 2007


Dear muggle

That gorgeous and feathered man's bow and arrows are in MY corner and I AM his wolf........

love Ankle


bah hah hah ha

I am sad

I know not why

Life feels hard

Time flies by

What happened to

that impetuous youth

the young girl

who used to be me

didnt you know that she hid away

until her body got old

and now she doesn't even

recognise it any more

who is that faded me

peering from the wall??

I am an old bag who will be 41 this week and I am not liking it at all

plurgh on it all


Bee said...

could be worse could be 48...

rainbowspirit said...

You are gorgeous inside and out!!


Cyndy said...

Whilst you are worrying aboout turning 41 this week, dearest Ankle, and believe me, I know your pain, consider this;
You wake up one morning, and can't understand why your body is stiff and hurts, and it's hard to get out of bed. You look down at your hands, and they're wrinkled, veined and spotted, with gnarled fingers. How can those fingernails be yours, you like them long, painted in Cutex "Mulberry Frost", not short and pale pink. Then you manage to shuffle over to the dressing table; why won't your feet and legs move properly? Then you look into the mirror. Who is that old lady looking at you? With her watery-eyed, vague gaze, she looks vaguely familiar, maybe a little like your mother, or your aunt, but it can't be you. How could it be? You're only 16..... with a wonderful life ahead... but something's not quite right....

Dementia sucks.

It might be you, it might not. There's a pretty good chance that it will somebody you know. Probably me. It's in my family.

But it's good news for now, Mary Ankle! You're less than half way through your life!

Celebrate your youth, fabulous woman, because YOU ARE.. <3

PS; I'll share him with you... in your dreams and mine..oh hang on, I've been told I'm a bit of a cow, so you'll both probably eat me for breakfast......

Jacqui said...

I'm sad too. I wish this mud shit would piss the hell off.
Me xXx

Anchell said...

gawd muggle, now Im really depressed!

Kathleen said...

I know : )

Cyndy said...

Just be happy!!! That's a whole lifetime away, if at all!

Lisa said...

you are SO beautiful............old hag or not !