Monday, March 19, 2007


I am NOT FINISHED oh naggy ones

I am some works in progress


I forgot to go to school to draw today....oh dear

I have to write a list of what I am NOT....hmmmm


I am having fun but got no sleep last night. Mary Jen says its because of the eclipse and other such things and it is good to have a reason for sure.

Ummm, I have not much to say because brain is not working and will not form thought long enough for me to write it down

sounds like this

blah blah blah la de dah la de dah buzz oh what about zing doop poop etc etc

bit like what Ruby's mums sounds like i imagine although she does manage to be hilarious in spite of her far

soon she shall blog what I just wrote above, zoot

Mary Jac/Gothicprincessqueenofthedeadnightzombies has been very forthcoming on her recently formulated image ...she is too damn schmick and I want to wear lacy elbow warmers and dark eyeshadow but know I would look like an old lady corpse pretending to be goth so I could wear them.


Mary Jen is busy being super bloody woman

Maryme is growing up fast and Will is on the mend

Elf MacPerson has disappeared and will npt tell me what my present is

etc etc

Life goes on regardless doesnt it

It is a good day



and of course

I send my love and thoughts to my mary friends who are having a hard time this week.


Lisa said...

oh mary of the inspired art type woman- how booftul you would look in lace leg warmers on your arms and dark eyeliner....i have the latest Jilly Cooper for you to borrow when I see you. GET BACK TO WORK !!! love you Mary me......mary me too x

Kristy-Lee said...

Yes Ankle. So far, still laughing.

So far.

Good to hear from you!

Romy said...

All good things come to those who dear.

Anchell said...

grrrrr...bloody elf people withholding vital information necessary to ones wellbeing and other such snoffing grunt crap!

Jacqui said...

Paintings look great gorgeous... Love the one of the peacock feather, it's coming along nicely. Last time I saw it it was barely a drawing. Well done.

Oh, and thank you for the gothness rating of 10\10. I do try.... (*flutters eyelashes dashingly*)

Cyndy said...

Parent of 20 yr & 16 yr old daughters arrived at parent teacher interviews last Tuesday wearing a black "Emily the strange" t-shirt, a black and white houndstooth check mini-skirt with attatched chains, black leggings just below her knees, and ankle boots...interesting..I think her husband is no longer on the scene, and the 16yr old returned to school looking a little goth this year. You gotta love mother and daughter dressing.....

Anchell said...

yes...from a distance for sure.
what about daughters who borrow their mothers 'hippy'clothes to go to fancy dress do's...I have some of those

Lisa said...

EW wouldnt be seen dead in my gear..........snoff.........

Lisa said...


rainbowspirit said...

glad to see the evidence of 'painting' - you go girl, you are a cook chick for sure!!! and a very talented one....


Anchell said...

but i dont want to be a cook!