Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The new me???

This is my dollz that miss Shann made of me.

Whatshisname at the cafe will be impressed for sure!

I am a nutcase this week!

Life is bloody relentless and will not stop!

I want to get off.....

I seem to have done nothing but run around like the proverbial blue arsed fly, driving kids everywhere, dentist appointments, gym, picking sick ones up from school etceterbloodyra!

Over it.

My very mature 16 yr old boy wishes to leave school!



Actually, he wants to leave to do his IT diploma at TAFE which is okay, its what he wants to do anyway


he won't go to school

He wants to sign out and thinks he will automatically be given a good paying job for 3 months while he waits for next semester to start at TAFE so he can save up lots and lots of money and buy his hearts desires..............I am just stoopid for suggesting that perhaps Big W or K Mart or wherever are not just waiting with a balloon bouquet for him to come along so they can give him some money.....


I do not want this child at home all day on this computer for the next 3 months..........

No, no not at all

15 yr old daughter is STILL waiting to hear from the elusive Henny Penny about an orientation it bad form for mothers to ring up and abuse daughters prospective employers? I suspect so......grrrrrr

Good news is that my own errant father and brothers are donating some regular bucks for the up and coming world soccer tour that is 15 yr olds hearts desire and the reason she wants the bloody job in the first place! This is indeed a miracle and will make her ecstatic for sure!

Me too..............phew

Anyway, you know how I left school so I would have time to paint?

Hasn't happened yet!



Jewell said...

hang in there Ankle...soon it will all be better....painting will become abreeze...15yr will get orientation session, son will get good paying job and you will not know yourself!!!


Cyndy said...

plurgh on dependent 16yr old boys with stars in their eyes and hands in your wallet...
Yay to ficscally generous rellos..
Gee...What did you do before you had a car? Was life simpler?
Sorry it's all crappy...but believe me...I KNOW....

romy said... they know any other words besides "I want".
You know that they are in full blown "The secret" mode...maybe we should study them????
Bring them into the cottage and we will grill them on their methods.