Sunday, February 07, 2010

....isn't it???

Life is funny

a big hilarious chuckle

a wry grin

a snorty snort

If you state to the world that that is enough shit now, it stops.

People will always need someone to pick on and sometimes it will be you. How you deal with this would seem to be to state that that is not acceptable and then stand back and watch the universe sort them out for you......

and sometimes you need to say so too

and sometimes you stop wanting something and it comes back for another shot at you and you say no thanks, I really don't think so

I know that is all very cryptic but really, it is boring and all good now so I will leave it at that

I am on the brink of a whole new something.....I find this a little daunting and a lot exciting

I need to make 1000 phone calls tomorrow and sort shit out......oh joy

I need to find a job.....go to it universe, I know it's coming, I just need a little rest first okay.....just a little one.

I am loved, this is pretty much all I know right now and just about as much as I can handle.

That's okay for now isn't it.


Lisa said...

no mystery in this post at all !

Michelle said...

Not for you mary, not for you

Sarah Lulu said...

Beautifully ...said.


Michelle said...
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Knock said...

Michelle this is true in every word. I too am in love too and feel her even when we are not together as she is in my heart and mind always
Now who could that be mmm Babe

Bagman and Butler said...

Wonderful post. Great comments. Mystery? No mystery? Heck, even if I knew all the details it would still be a mystery. Just glad that you're happy.

christopher said...

I know just enough about your life to get it wrong but this doesn't feel that mysterious to me either. Just be careful with that declarative stuff. All you have to do is ask, but you really really really need to know precisely what it is you want and you have to ask very carefully. Even then there are consequences unthought of...

One part of your post is straight up true. You are loved. There are people here who delight in saying so. Me too.

Michelle said...

and sometimes you take a risk and deal with it :)...or not....arghhhh