Monday, February 01, 2010


Life is a little hectic this week

and soggy

definitely soggy

for everyone else

I seem to be the only dry eye around here


It's not over till it's over

I have to write a eulogy type thing

and I can't think

I have a house to pack up and a brother to move

I have another brother and a sister to help and to hinder

I have family flying in tomorrow to drive me insane

I have to go buy some black pants because the purple lurex harem pants just weren't suitable.....

We are wearing purple to the funeral BTW.....mum is too

I am numb

numb is okay

I grieved already and I will get to it again soon

Just for today I will be grateful for many many things

Breathing is one of them....


Lisa said...

becareful with the word 'I'- there are a ton of you guys up there all looking for something to distract them- put them to use !

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you seem to be managing and coping, even though it's hard. I've been thinking of you a lot. You sound.... calm....? in this post. I'm sensing peace below the surface. I hope that's true.
Love you xxx

Michelle said...

True...I mean we.

Sarah Lulu said...

Soggy and dry are both a part of it.

Purple ...purple is fantastic.

If in doubt I'd wear the harem pants and jangle a bit....wear yourself.

much love. xxxxx

Bagman and Butler said...

Sending regular prayers your way.

Cyndy said...

I delivered my mum's eulogy wearing a red dress: she was wearing red and black too. I think it was a deliberate decision from me, as I refused to be morbid on the day that we were celebrating her life. And besides, she & I both "lived" in black clothing...

The eulogy comes from the heart and is different things to different people. It might be your mum's life story, or a recollection of personal memories, what ever suits. Ansd whatever was important in your mum's life is the stuff that is important, music, objects, flowers, whatever.

I agree with you, Bluest One: the soggy stuff can happen later in your own time and space. I had soggy "conversations" often with my mum in the shower in the days leading up to her funeral, to get her opinion if I was "doing it right". And the cd player in the car would often trigger soggy moments. These days, the same songs result in a misty smile. By the way, it's not necessartily safe to be driving in a soggy manner....

It is surprising, the calmness, isn't it....

Love you. And on Wednesday, you will have wings.


nollyposh said...

and <3's

Lisa said...

do you need me ?

Knock said...

Thinking of you in this sad time love

Renee said...

Oh Michelle I am so sorry.

I am sorry beyond words and then yet I know for your Mom it is so hard. We want to stay but feel so horrible we want to go and then we want to stay.

I love you Michelle and your Mom has an incredible daughter in you.

Love Renee xoxoxo