Friday, August 22, 2008

ahhh crap

Been a horrible week

Am battling ferocious anxiety that is driving me slowly insane

Started an anti depressant thing today that made me feel very weird and not right

Am going to quack tomorrow to try a different one that is supposedly specifically for anxiety

The other one was one I was on years ago and even though it was ok then it is not now I think

I HATE this shit

Really I do

AND my 16 year old daughter has come to me and told me she is suffering from it as well, so I am getting her sorted, psychologist and herbal stuff for her. I dont have time for that right now, I need some relief now, artificial or not, so I can keep on keeping on....


I want to go fishing


The Tall Red Head said...

You poor thing. You have so much shit going on it isn't any wonder you are suffering like this. Hope you get some relief soon. xoxox

Lisa said...

good girl- take the help that is offered- when does Josh leave ?
remember i am on happy pills and i am normal ???????????!!!!!!!!!!
love you, from a distance with a sore ass

Anonymous said...

Damn, Chell. I'm sorry you have to deal with this crap. Lots of hugs from me. Wish I could give you real ones. *hugs*

Cyndy said...

Happy pills are there to help.
When you get things sorted for 16yr old, can you give me the number, please?
It's needed here as well.

Bah to it all..... the pursuit of happyness.... or at least what looks like it....

Jen said...

whatever it takes 'chelle. just to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Lots of love and hugs from me

feels like an aeon since i have seen you. poo

luv me

Anonymous said...

Must be time for a visit soon surely????
Maybe lunch again??
You are really feeling the results of what you have been through, this has to get under control for you - we can all take just so much stress and then we start to fall apart at the seams,,,,w.w.

Faerie said...

Love you too xxxx

Kristy said...

It all sounds horrible.

Thinking of you......