Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Point formish

I am buggered so just a quicky

Son is gone....should be landing in Taipai in a couple of hours after 9 hours of flight then onto Frankfurt in a 13 and a half hour flight....so, sometime tomorrow he will have arrived and be on a whole different planet for the next 12 months. Hmmm

I do not like son being in the middle of the air at all

or being gone either


Just us girls at home tonight....

I have a pre op appointment tomorrow morning to prepare for my HYSTEROSCOPY next week which is a camera up my nether regions and a bit of cutting and scraping, not a hysterectomy as some did think. I will be home in a day and up and about I assume in time to enjoy my WEEK OFF!!

Went t see quack about anxiety and was given some medication but have been too chicken to take one. The last one was a bit weird and I am a bit scared of it...anyone experienced Lexapro??

Went to get meridians balanced and it was supposed to relieve pain. I have been in back agony ever since...this is not funny really, it bloody hurts. (Maybe thats what my higher self was bitching about MM...)

I am so tired, was up at 4.30 this morning to get son to train to sydney so Tahni could pick him up and put him on the plane.....yawn

Office has been quite busy and parent has been present in it quite a lot lately. Her latest bloods are saying tumour levels are down again which is hopefully good but am a bit unsure as it was done by a different lab so results can differ. It was reading at 7.4 though, which if correct, would be amazing. 5 is normal, people!

Am going now. It is 7.20 and Im ready for bed

See ya xx

Oh my gosh, just realised that son is landing in Tapei in 10 mins and will be in germany by 6.15 am.... my stomach hurts.


Faerie said...

Thinking about you xxxx

Anonymous said...

In my experience, Lexapro isn't quite as heavy as some of the other Anti-D's. Will almost definitely make you tired for a few days though, so take it at a time when it's not too critical to be awake.... ie: your WEEK OFF? :) Tiredness usually passes after about 5 to 7 days, I found. One of the basic, pretty run-of-the-mill anti-D's in my opinion.

Only way you're going to find out is to pop it!

What if it works?

*hugs x a million*

Lisa said...

god you are so brave letting him go- what a massive massive trip for a kid to make on his own.
my stomach hurts too- please let us know when he arrives- sending love to you, your mother and your nether regions also the CSV who is a wonderful sister daughter xx

Jen said...

I imagine you are a bit nervous re the boy - wow - germany for a year. Does he know the language???

I was on Lexapro. It was really good for me. I only ever took 5mg per day. Made me feel a touch spacey for a couple of hours, a couple of hours or so after i took the first couple. (does that make sense???) I was on them for about 3 months and that was enough to get me through. Definately recommend them. You know my number if you need to talk further about them.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Queen for a day tomorrow.

If you are having a week off, are you coming down??? we must do coffee!!!!

Myst_72 said...

Lexapro is good, just start on half or even 1/4 of the dose they want you to be on for the first few days and slowly increase, and the side effects should be minimal.
Not great if you miss a dose though, can make you feel weird.
Someone close to me is taking this and doing well on it.


Lisa said...

i have organised a witches kitchen on Saturday the 6/9/08 at 6pm and you are the guest star- so brng a vego dish to share and BE THERE !