Tuesday, August 05, 2008

human bean

Well, after going to bed at 7 last night and sleeping till 5.30 this morning I feel a bit better.

Then, after using Shellis dentist appointment as an excuse to escape and having a coffee with Mary and dropping around to remind darlin' that i know where he lives, I even feel like a human bean with a real life sort of.

Of course I had to eventually return to the orifice and send the frazzled little mother home, but hey, I dragged it out as long as i could.

Seems the anxiety attacks are not reserved for me at the moment and so I am assigning the blame partially to the ever changing energies of now and am also cutting down severely on caffiene. Nescafe has a new one that is half strength and tastes okay so this is my new tipple.

Seems sensible as I do drink many coffees in the course of my day.

My backyard is now resembling a mud puddle with STUCTURE so I am hopeful of using it one day this century. I will, however have to endure my stickybeak landlady for some hours soon as she intends to put SHRUBS in it and also give me energy saving lightbulbs for some reason. This perplexex me somewhat as someone (who I suspect may well be her own good self) will be coming to put them in. Do I look incapable of changing a lightbulb to you?

She also wants to put water saving shower heads in, which I am supportive of in other peoples, who have good water pressures, houses but am not so sure about mine. I dont want to have to run around in the shower to get wet here.......my landlady is a psycho freakish type person who will come and install herself in your home for a whole day so she can sew and hang curtains that end up 3 inches too short and get taken down and put in the cupboard anyway...and last time she came to clean the drain out she bought a bottle of tea tree oil with her and scrubbed my shower glass door with it to try to remove the bloody calcified stuff that wont come off it. Rude or what?

Just to enthrall you further, I have told my real estate agent that when the turf goes down I am not paying for water usage until it is good and growing. Bugger that!

I could rave on and on but I wont because you might never come back again....

It would be nice if some people BLOGGED OCCASIONALLY though



Jen said...

good to hear you had a good day.

i would blog if i thought i had anything to say that anyone would be remotely interested in reading.

sometimes... life is like a toilet


Lisa said...

obviously the land lady thinks you are a dirty bitch !!!!!

Cyndy said...

Definitely rude. You may not have to put up with her in regard to the bulbs, though.....

What's blogging???????

Faerie said...

If you want to her Transpersonal this, Transpersonal that ... I'll blog ... otherwise I'll just keep in my assignment for now!!!