Wednesday, August 27, 2008


oops had caps on

havent heard from son yet to know he survived the flight


but i did figure out that he wasnt really due to land till about 2.30 this afternoon

and then had to catch a train to Stuttgart from Frankfurt and be picked up and god knows what

so I assume I will get a communication at some point tonight

I bit the bullet and took the pill and so far, aside from feeling a bit strange, its okay

I will persist unless something really weird happens

I will try to make it to witches kitchen but wish it were in the afternoon instead of evening

Is that this Saturday?? Or next??

Anyhoo, am off to bite nails waiting for an email from my brat son

His room is very empty now


Lisa said...

not this saturday, the next at 6pm
wear something sexy !!!!

Anchell said...

Sexy?? Whats that??