Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Things are coming to a head all over the shop

Waiting for an offer on the business

Talking to certain partners about stuff

Dogs going

Kids going and other kids going through stuff

Me being stretched to breaking point and apathetic about all

Not knowing is killing us all .....

what comes next??

Farked if I know

The control freak in me wants to know NOW




Lisa said...

we never know shell.
no one really knows

loving you xx

Myst_72 said...

It will all work out for the best!

It's hard, but try and let it take it natural course - that's my 'thing' at the moment - don't fight the universe...


Anchell said...

Im not fighting it...just questioning...same diff I know

Jewell said...

just look forward to the long holiday you will have after all is sold!!!

Love to you

Myst_72 said...

I know.

It seems the second you stop questioning, it all falls into place though!

Has done for me lately anyway,

it will all be good - it's your turn.


Jen said...

love you


Anonymous said...

oh I know the pain of not knowing what will ahppen next. The business WILL be sold and that will be a great burdon off but it may change things for you yet again....be prepared for a rocky ride my dear...your time on this journey has not finished yet. The Gods must think that you are one mighty woman!!!!!It is going to be one big circle with you coming right back to the beginning yet again....love and hugs from me and maximus cause he loves you!!!!!!w.w.