Monday, March 08, 2010

Truth and lies....

I always suspected
that the pillow you laid
beneath my aching head
would crumble
into a thousand dusty feathers
one day

Yet I open myself wide anyway
here, beneath you
I lay the bare bones of me
hidden under these musty layers
my soul shines here
the very truth of me
if you care to see

Just for today
I am seduced
by a dream

I choose to believe....


Lisa said...

i want that it yours.............

Michelle said...

No, not mine....I wish it was :(

nollyposh said...

So beautiful <3

christopher said...

:D I really like how you filled this out.

Into Gnarly Shape

It was possible,
I told you that but never
thought you would try for
naked reality
like you have. I fold myself
into gnarly shape
just to fit your bed,
not like me at all. I don't
usually do
this wild sort of thing.

Michelle said...

*claps hands in delight*