Thursday, July 19, 2007

gawd ahmighty

I am here for a second then I must go
very important and busy and busy and effing busy okay
as usual it seems
got dentist appointment shortly
got a registered, insured and schmick new unnamed rocket car parked outside
got a sister who has been visited
got a backpassage unpaid employment to go to
got 12 paintings to do in 6 weeks
AND to finish Glorious'sssss too
thats about it
got stockings/tights/pantyhose on back to front with granny undies and am too cold to change round so must have strangled arse all day
on that note I shall leave you to ponder apon the profound truth of my 411th post
so slack
see ya


Kristy-Lee said...

Poor poor busy busy lady.

With big hair.

And cool new rocket car with no name.

Cyndy said...

ROFL, over and over again....

Grannie-superhero Farty..........