Monday, July 23, 2007

a quicky!

Better pics.....


am doing homework

don't think i will be finished by tommorrow night though

am trying but can't think so


I have a very sore back
this is darlin's fault for not tickling it!
Arty farty's are naughty ladies and make me laugh....
Maryjen will be missed and should definately leave her job before she starts and bugger money!
yes indeedy
Children should be banned form home between the ages of 12 and 22 for sure and hopefully by then they will be too old to come back anyway....
Maccas costs a fortune and makes you fat.....and really heavy and full of poo...literally
I know this because every so often I forget and must remind myself by eating it....tonihgt was one of these times.....poo not
Backpassage beckons tommorrow....
as does coffee at Sunnies
no wonder I can't get anything done!
chicky babe????
really jac....
Your Power Color Is Teal
At Your Highest:
You feel accomplished and optimistic about the future.
At Your Lowest:
You feel in a slump and lack creativity.
In Love:
You tend to be many people's ideal partner.
How You're Attractive:
You make people feel confident and accepted.
Your Eternal Question:
"What Impression Am I Giving?"


Rider-Waite said...

Lovely photo's of lovely painting by lovely person.

I am feeling very sick, so am going..

Lisa said...

had a big mac on sunday- was black on monday- say no more

Cyndy said...

I dunno, 'Chell... Maccas always gives me the shits......

Love your grouse artwork, woman. xoxoxo

Myst_72 said...

Your paintings are fantastic, I love them. Hey, we have the same power colour! G xx