Friday, July 06, 2007

Is it Saturday yet????


I am hereby retiring as a taxi driver!!

No more

Had enough

grrrrr again


grrrrrrr x 4000034

(stolen from shagpile regardless of whether she minds or not)


I went to check out the gallery for exhibition today and the walls have grown
much larger than they were before!!!!

...not enough work have I
even less so now the walls grew!

Acres of them there are...


Any artyfartys out there who wish to complain about giving a canvas a coat of gesso
spare a thought for me who has just prepared 3 canvas's with 8 coats of undercoat and am now doing 3 coats of gesso......thats EACH....poo for really smooth surface grounds I say

and you know what else

I ran into maryjen today having lunch with a ruggedly handsome boy!!

...and do you know what she was EATING???

a frikkin salad sandwich!!

No excuse for me to go and buy any chocolate either!


And do you know what else??

Darlin spent yesterday cleaning this dust benighted hovel and then I spent last night and this morning washing 12 layers of grease with embedded dust out of curtains and scraping dirt from surfaces with scalpels and toothbrushes

(maybe slight exaggeration there)

all in honour of stupid inspection.

House was schmick...

stupid lady came and was here for 30 seconds and left!

Didn't even have time to glance at shining wonderous ceiling fans or nuffin'

on the plus side she didnt have time to notice gesso spatterd all over the floorboards either..

always something to be grateful for yes?

Is nice to be in very clean in some places house though!

oh yes

will leave on a positive note and hold that thought I think!

Are we there yet?


stupid inspection lady wants to come to exhibition

she says I "may have some talent here"


if this writing is really big its because blogger sucks and wont make it go small!

poo again


rainbowspirit said...

but is your SINK clean??????????

smoochies to you

do you need a hand gessoing, am VERY talented at that??

Anonymous said...

Do you still need cracking?

Kristy-Lee said...

That baby is TOOOOOOOO cute!

Anchell said...

Yes I need much cracking please renataluckyelf!

That is a cute baby isnt it and jen by the time you read this my gesso-ing shall be done, thankyou anyway!


Kathleen said...

... and if you didn't clean, inspection lady would have gone mental!

Cyndy said...

* Inspection lady Sucks.

* Walls have grown in size to accommodate your enormous talent

* Taxi driving sucks...but at least you know where thay are

* You really LOVE gessoing... whatever that is.... I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with painting

* Big print is good for old eyes, and it expresses your frustration on a visual manner

* And that baby really is cute

Love, Bomgl

Hippy Witch said...

When is your exhibition? I would love to come and see it. Next time you need help gesso-ing, YELL out, I will help you, I know what it is like. What she talking about (May have talent) You are very talented, your work is amazing.

Deep breathe, and stop being taxi.

Lisa said...

i am not offering to gesso but am offering to loan selected anchell blue artowrks to the exhibition so that walls seem smaller.
glad your house is clean and who was the brad pitt with Jen yesterday ?

Rider-Waite said...

And I thought my hair day was bad... I am back, all is ok apart from camera problems. Sorry to hear you are having a bad time at the moment, use it as an excuse to talk badly to people. I do. Will blog more later xoxox

~*Rylah*~ said...

"may have some talent here"??? What a bitch! Did you tell her her house inspection skills were "just on average"? Should have. Aaarrrggghhh. Blogger's always been a bit weird with text size. I believe it's to stop us getting too snotty about our blogs, or the fact that we may be 'real' authors. Snoff....

Anchell said...

Nah....she was really an inspection chickie as she musta been all of 12 years old or so. I decided that she just didnt express herself very well due to an inability to read and edjamacate herself and so I should be kind instead.

Cyndy said...


It's Sunday........

Have you got a life?????....

Or are you sufferring the effects of gesso-inhalation?????.........

P.S. I love punctuation... it helps everything make sense.

Lisa said...


rainbowspirit said...

um.... waiting, waiting.....

Lisa said...


Cyndy said...

A classic Shakespearian comment on your lack of posting, Madam;
"Is this a pist I see before me???? NOOOOOOO!"



Rider-Waite said...

What you trying to do? Get the most comments ever on a blog??? Come on, I'm happy again, things are great, start blogging woman!!! Don't make come and throw a cat at you.....