Saturday, July 21, 2007

ho bloody farking hum

Ahhhh poooooo

Darlin's firing was a disaster

shit bum fark indeed

6 weeks to go.....

oh dear


we work well under pressure!


Have been out to backpassage AGAIN today.....bloody sister is going home tomorrow so good...

well....only in so far as that it will mean less trips to the poo place is all

I am trying to get in painting mode......thats why Im blogging of course

Harry Potter was purchased at 9.01 this morning for child who is suitably grateful....lots of people die apparently.....shhhhhh

My hole is filledfull if not fulfilled....

Only two giant needles were required and I was suitably numb for much drilling and digging around nervey bits.....

was very numb and couldn't swallow for several hours after but am fine now and hole-less too so all is good

thrilling yes?

I hear you yawn

my life is really boring for someone who is sooooo bloody busy isn't it...

I just don't see the point of leading you through the dull minutae of centres, car trips, shopping centres, car trips, shopping etc etc


oh....and washing and cleaning and washing and cleaning too....most riveting any good books lately?

fare well


Lisa said...

oh no- poor laz- how can an oven go wrong.......oh dear, poor guy...oh, and you too shell, i am thinking about you too- backpassage on a saturday is NOT GROUSE by any standards......yay for sisters that depart and for Harrys that die - least you have a nice ass

Rider-Waite said...

Your poor mouth, hope you feel better. Naughty bloody Kilns that don't fire well!! Horrible backpassages that are annoying! Although, you did scare me talking about holes being filled and backpassages in the one blog... I am prone to putting one and one together and getting five. Feel better soon, xoxox

Kristy-Lee said...

Grouse that your hole is not a hole anymore.

Not grouse that ovens don't work.

I have read a grouse book lately called, "From Bagdad, with love" and am currently reading, "The memory keepers daughter".

Both great.

I have your book here, "midwives".

Shall return it soon.

Do you still have my Tattiana book? (Spelling!).


You are grouse.

Anchell said...

It is so grouse that your mardi does have tatiana....midwives can go elsewhere to live...I want what you've got.....grousiest grousness to you xxxx

Lisa said...

yes, i have tatiana and alex

Kathleen said...

My brother had some drilling and excavation work done too ... sending love to both of you : )