Wednesday, March 19, 2008


You know what?

Its Wednesday

Today has been hell

as was yesterday

not enough hours

I have been into town twice

centrelink are assholes

3 farking times i have had to provide the same information!!!!!



I would have come to reiki

but i couldnt drive in there AGAIN

so I am home


no kids

no darlin

just me and the animals

Its reeeaaalllyyy quiet here

and I cant hear a bus anywhere


I get 3 and a half days off!

how gooder is that....

Im off to put something somewhere

I seem to be doing that a lot lately



oh yes

my mother has been experiencing strange things

she is waking up at 12 ish every night and really getting shitty with the 'other her' that is standing there with a sore leg!

She thought it was medication but its still happening without any...

She thought I would think that was really strange....

hah, she knows me not

little does she know there are 11 more of her out there.........


Interesting isnt it maryme...xxxx


The Tall Red Head said...

It is like that...

Anonymous said...

You must be rubbing off on her!
Good way of getting rid of angst...tell her to keep it up.

Lisa said...

most interesting
most excellent
enjoy your peace and quiet
i miss you so much xxx

Hippy Witch said...

Enjoy the quiet time, and put things everywhere before they all come home and complain. Did she ask her other her why her leg is sore.

Anchell said...

No, but she did tell her to p off and take all the sore legs with her!

Lisa said...


Lisa said...

i miss you.
come home now !!
or blog at least