Sunday, March 09, 2008





am blogging on kaylas laptop as my comp is still in its box

Thankyou Renata and are stars!

My driveway is a mountain slope and I will have to live here forever as I am NEVER moving again

and darlin is wrecked

he will never be the same again Im afraid

did i say groan???



LUCKY said...

Yes, you will move again...or we will have to cut off 30kms between Newcastle and the Bay and stick it together.....will we ever see you again????????
I am sure all will be well and this is all transitory.
Laz will also be ok - he does need a good steak sandwich though and a few days sleep......

Kathleen said...

another hurdle jumped!

Thinking of you,

Lisa said...

what about me ?
am I not a star too?
snoff, pout, whinge, whine......
when i get a cheap flight i will come visit- please set up a hyraulic lift to get me up and down the driveway.

Lisa said...

now that you have moved house you should really update your blog template to keep up !!!!!!!!

Jen said...

have you recovered yet?? how is dobby??

we will charter a bus and all come visit.

Lisa said...

fark- where are you?
is everything ok?

Cyndy said...

Yes..... I am moving closer to you all, after all.

Am I not THE most selfless?????