Friday, March 21, 2008


Was going to invite you all over next Saturday

but some poo cant come, so

I will get back to you on this okay!

Might have to be the one after.....can we do this???

Plenty of frikken warning Me!


I am good

tired but good

and darlin is good too

when he's not naughty

I am never naughty of course

but only because I dont have time

I wll get to naughty

you just watch me!!!

I will blog a real one soon I promise............xxxxxxxxx

1 comment:

Lisa said...

sorry times a million. saturdays are really awful for me shell, i am so sorry- with working at the Lunar Goddess and family stuff i dont have a free one until almost May.
I hope i am able to be with you when you are naughty
crying now you big haired bully !!!!