Tuesday, March 04, 2008


  • ring truck to confirm Monday and all phones are cut off...truck is not happening
  • find out that i have 2 days instead of a week to move and clean house!
  • am trying to get new truck to move Friday instead, have spoken to a lovely 82 yr old fellow who assures me I will get good value from him and am having a quote this morning, gulp I hope they arent all 82!
  • Have a half packed house and no phone or electricity organised and a huge headache
  • have son who had a weeks work and has now rolled ankle and is hobbling and spitting chippies everywhere
  • have Catholic Virgin Squad from Sydney winging up from Sydney to clean house on Saturday though so things arent all that frikken bad now are they! Now I just have to clean worst messes before they come and see them!
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh poooooooooooooooo


Jen said...

awww - poor you. I hate farkin moving too. And cleaning. And having no phone. pooooooo. thinking of you

Anonymous said...

The catholic squad should go through like a tornado! and they should be singing hymns while they do it - tell them that they are doing the "lords work" and snaffle them for a few days at least!!!!Watch out for the unexpected conversion attempt.They are a sneaky lot you know!Lucky

Lisa said...

sounds awful
really awful
i would be one overwhelmed fat chick by now.........
hoochers x