Sunday, March 30, 2008


Thank fark for Marys who turn up for coffee and make my headache go away

and then get all philosophical (?) and bring it back again

love you guys....



what is my scapegoat ???

Im serious

It used to be detachment, big time, how do I detach from this hmmm?

maybe Im just fronting up.....interesting






Jen said...

will go and ponder. In the mean time... what is mine?? scapegoat I mean.

Anchell said...

Yours is just not good enough Jen :0)

Jen said...


Kathleen said...

I guess to rephrase the "scapegoat" question ... what is it that you hide behind when you don't want to do something or move forward in life?

Anonymous said...

You do not have a scapegoat Miss Chell...the universe just took it away.But you MUST STOP the ciggies soon ( they are nasty bastards - you can drik more coffee like me! )
You are fronting up big time and having to face all your demons.
I admire your strength and resiliance.
One thing though, do not forget to look after yourself. You have your own health issues and focusing on your mum is taking your attention away from your own needs. Your kids need their mum...dont forget.

Anchell said...

Yes, Kathleen I understand that. And once it was kids and drugs and chemical detachment etc and then it was anger and blame (directed at mum usuallyinterstingly enough) and co-dependancy and many other nasties...I worked through all that and now my only means of 'escape' is to detach, and im very bloody good at it. But I cant from this, so....


Cyndy said...

You can detatch, you know 'Chell; it just has to be at an appropriate time and place. And you can do it in small increments, rather than in one large, very obvious block of time. And you need to be able to do this. Scrabble is good. As is the computer, or even some pencil and paper. As much as you churn things around and around, there doesn't seem to be any right answers or resolution does there?

You certainly are doing it tough, Arty Farty (yes, this still is you).

It all sucks big time.

It's hard to be the one that sees through all the blurry bits, and see things for how they really are. I know it's made me feel a bit like a hard-arsed bitch at times because I tend to put things in a very real-world context and matter-of-fact way, such as when I requested a brain scan for Mum before further intervention... I think people were a bit shocked. And I still am unsure of the "rightness" of the decisions that have been made.
Enough of my pity party. I'm blogmuggling, as usual.


Quality and Quantity. Bloody difficult to achieve. Let's hope for both.

Love to you and yours, beautiful lady.


Anchell said...