Tuesday, April 24, 2007

did you know....

That its raining?

Well, it is, lots

Did you also know that if you don't wash your car for long enough it will eventually pee down and wash it for you......excellent

Did you know that Rubysmum is getting hitched??

I did!

Or that Hairball sons have no bloody idea about real life and get a shock when they have to go and do 3 week courses to get a job at Coles??

Or that I am mighty mighty sick of being at home all day with people and not being able to find time to get in the 'space' (oh for my own space whats not in the middle of the house) to paint or whatever else I feel like doing.........aaaaarggghhh. In fact, it makes me want to punch something very hard or else go to bed..............hmmm

That its still raining and I have wet things and no drier.


whinge bitch grumble etc etc etc


Its Tahni's birthday today and she's in bloody Sydney with the Catholics!!!


rainbowspirit said...

Happy birthday to Tahni!!

ditto the no space thing.

add that to no time and you have a whole heap of sh#t!!!

and why do school children have to have ANOTHER day off school tomorrow. plurgh!!!!

will write the holiday story post haste!!

Anonymous said...

Bloody catholics!Send her the Jesus Christ joke!Renata.

Anchell said...

I will!!

Cyndy said...

Happy birthday Tahni!!!!!!!!!
Not much space in two-thirds of a garage and one quarter of a house...... :0D

Lisa said...

bloody hell shell......i love it when you go off.......you sound adorable and then some- I understand your need for space, it must be so hard........take care, see you on thursday..mary me

Lisa said...

btw happy birthday Tahni !

Ruby's Mum said...

Maybe you could get Captain Whitegoods to be a good Captain and get you a dryer?

Dont punch stuff. You will hurt your painting fingers.


Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Tahni : )

Lisa said...

when I woke up this morning I thought, 'i must tell shell that the captain may be able to get her a really good, reasonably priced drier' and when i get here, Twist has already done it !
honestly shell, you need a drier !

Anchell said...

Yes, I do indeedy.......