Friday, April 27, 2007

where my head is at...part two

Tonight I am tired, so very tired indeed.

I am only writing this to keep me awake for one more half hour till I pick Kayla up from HP shift....

Then my head will be at the pillow and hopefully not snoring loudly, definately sleeping, not traveling the multiverse as I am pretty damn sure it was last night for me to have woken up so veeerrryyyyy tired after 7 hours so-called sleep

Good bloody night!

I did go to school today...eventually.... and I now have an agent.... (heh)....her name is Agent Mary Elf Macperson and she is relentless! But that is a story for another day........

oh yes, fruit and nuts ARE good for you right??

even if they are wrapped in chocolate????

most excellent!



Lisa said...

thinking of you ankle of mine- its a funny energy at the moment- glad you have an agent and yes, she is relentless but hell, she knows how to get things done......i am lost tonight, caught up in what if's and what might have been.trying to tell myslef if it had been meant to be, it would have been- sorry, x

Cyndy said...

Very balanced diet, fruit, nuts and chocolate; you need the antioxidants that chocolate can provide... ;0)