Thursday, April 05, 2007

some stuff....

from school

my stuff

not quite done yet

this either

Part of a painting that doesn't photograph very well

Well, such as it is, this is all I have done in 3 weeks.
Where does my time go?
Buggered if I know

I need my own space and lots of money I have decided

Do you hear that universe????


Jacqui said...

They are amazing Anchell, I really love the one with the goddesses... beautiful.

Lisa said...

astounding dear ankel- really you are much too talented - wow- i am so blessed to have a friend like you x

Tesah said...

Very much wonderful!

rainbowspirit said...

wow - that man looks really sad and i LOVE the blue one (i love all of them but most of all the blue one) - most excellent

Cyndy said...

Love em all, but your's are soo special.

You can't be an artist and have money; it contradicts one of the natural laws of the universe... ;0)

Anchell said...

bugger that....I was born to break laws!

Kathleen said...

It's all your "stuff" Anchell, I love the feeling each piece creates for me ... very talented and a real connection to those deep emotions whether they be the ones we wish to avoid or the ones we want to embrace.

Blessed Be.