Tuesday, April 03, 2007

yesterdays poetry.....sort of

Today I am trying to walk in my goddess

And I am raging

Is this why I avoid myself?

I stand back and observe the raging torrent of me and I see she is magnificent.

I try to pick apart the tangled threads of my relationships and I find

that my own expectations lead me to despair.

Inside of me, my goddess weeps.

She wails for the injustices carried out upon the children.

The child...

She cries for me..

Inside of me, my goddess dances

She dances for the sheer hell of it

And she laughs like a loon

She dances until her legs will dance no more

and falling to the ground

she sleeps

The sleep of innocence where no darkness that is not invited comes

Inside of me, my goddess glories in the sensual.

Touching, feeling, tasting whatever life should choose to bring her way

She does not hide in case it feels too good

She revels in the sweetness of my core

Inside of me, my goddess knows that I am not a problem waiting to be fixed

A role that needs to be played

She does not need to see herself reflected in the eyes of another

to know that she is real

I am her

She is me

Inside of me she dances

And she waits

She waits for me


Lisa said...

wow.......thats awe some- amazing- I am tingling all over...maryme x

Romy said...

dont keep her waiting.

Jacqui said...

That is amazing... great writing Ankle :)

Cyndy said...

You are.... :)

Kathleen said...

So Powerful too : )