Monday, January 14, 2008

by the way

I am also very lucky

Lucky to have friends who sell my ticket on ebay and save me from losing big bucks

Lucky to have all the other friends of mine sending me and mum love amd other good stuff

Lucky to have a darlin' who is acting as 'Dobby house elf' lately and making sure i come home to a dirt and mess free enviroment. And who does good back rub and sneaky healings when Im asleep and listens to me repeat myself over and over, whether it be to him or somefamilymember on the phone all day and night

I must remember these things because other wise I will surely go insane!

Been feeling a bit anxious the past few days

But I've also had a sore right ovary, pains in the belly and a spinny empty does one shut off empathy????


love you all, especially you my darlin'



Cyndy said...

Right back at you. You deserve the good things, you know.

Kathleen said...

Yes, remember to take good care of you too.

Love to you

Lisa said...

what about me ?
do you love me too?

Tesah said...

Love to you chelle. Yes, you have a wonderful Dobby, I mean darlin'!