Sunday, January 06, 2008


I know Im not very exciting lately...well, all last year too really

oh well

I am exciting in my head but when I get a chance to sit I just want to veg and play scrabble

oh dear

We did the wig shop, came away with a nice little number and some scarvy things that cost $20 each and which I shall now run up several thousand of on my trusty sewing machine. Mum will be the swishest really bald really sick lady around!

The clinic reopens at the hospital tomorrow so I will have some answers re; WHEN THE FARK ARE THEY GOING TO OPERATE HERE!

Though the surgeon did say it didn't make any difference...I dont believe him

When we got to the appt with the hair lady there was another woman there who had just had her head shaved and was being fitted for her wig

She also had Ovarian cancer and was in for her second go round of it.....that really cheered mum up of course!

Farkin shite disease

oh well.....bring on the hurdy gurdy

anythings got to be better than all this waiting


Cyndy said...

Fark indeed, darling Arty Farty.

Maybe the docs want to shrink the beast somewhat before they remove it? When does chemo start?

It will all happen, and it doesn't seem to matter what is done; the wheels just don't seem to turn any faster when you're waiting for surgery. My mum was due to have open-heart surgery last year, but she's finally booked in for Feb 21... unless something else comes up, which in the public system, may be the case.

Love and light to you all. ;0)

mary me said...

thinking of you shell
sending love and prayers

Jen said...

glad to see you are syphoning some of those feelings out here, dont bottle them up will you.... We are here to support you, for whatever good it does. Love you. Mwa

LUCKY said...

Ah so, this is why we chose to go private and sell all our organs and an arm and a leg, of course...

Waiting is a shit....waiting is what would kill me and nearly did
(I am not a patient person)

It teaches you that the world turns at its own pace and not yours
it teaches you that things are sometimes just all shit it is only the level that changes..

it tires and frustrates...
oh, I am feeling for you and your is nothing to look forward to.

Kathleen said...

I agree with Lucky!

Waiting is the shitty part and knowing that you can't control what is happening is downright excruciating!